Fashion Trend for 2010 : Techie Light

How cool to see that people are really embracing technology in 2009.  We saw an increase in people embracing social media most specially Twitter and Facebook.  More people own laptops and mobile devices that allows people  to stay connected all the time.  You see so many cool gadgets, ipods, 32gig usbs, iphone upgrades, applications and tools like Google Wave, Google Street View, Augmented Reality, even in Fashion they now have the Motion Capture technology that allows consumers to try on clothes virtually without having to leave their homes.

But CosmoWord believes that it will extend to 2010 with their Fashion Forecast! Here is what they have to say!

A new beginning showing optimism and progress. Technology becomes playful in a sweet way. A new positive high-tech is restarting with references to the naivity of the 50ies.

Fresh, acidic tints that evoke chemical elixirs and experimental emulsions. The flashy, slightly pop colours of vitamin-charged smoothies: green, pink, turquoise, yellow and acidic orange. They are accompanied by a second range of more faded and somewhat veiled, grayed tints.

A blend of functional, resolutely modern strictness in 60’s structured shapes. We see clean appeal, sharp-cut lab coats or absolutely simple basics reworked in luxurious, technical fabrics. References to medical bandages and an 80’s sporty mood in fitted pieces are also forthcoming.

A very clean style in fresh colours, this simplicity enables the experimentation with new associations and new manners of wearing garments.

taffeta, coated canvas, cotton, jacquard and thick linen. Textured surfaces with miniature motifs in clean, precise graphics. Elsewhere, a futurist mood is illustrated by synthetic, compact, girdling fabrics with technical finishes. Transparent harmonies and layerings are more refined.

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Copenhagen International Fashion Fair