Walk That Tight Rope & Find Balance In Your Life

Life is moving faster than ever before. Finding balance in your life between all the things you want to achieve versus your obligations to family, friends and the like while still being able to take time out for yourself is a feat of super mental agility in today’s fast paced lifestyle. In a world with so many distractions, it is imperative to take some time out, even thirty minutes out of your day, to pull yourself away from these distractions. It will do wonders for your mental health. It is the first step in allowing yourself to focus and dictate what you want to do rather than simply existing as a reaction to external stimuli. Trust me, being solely reactive is not a good state of mind.

The rise of the mobile computer in the form of smartphones and tablets has been a boom in the technological era we are currently living in. They are fantastic devices, and they allow us to stay connected with everyone and everything 24/7. Social media, text messaging and email also fall in to this category, and pre-date the mobile devices we use today. They are all effective tools for keeping us in contact with the important people in our lives, and they also help us reach people we never would have before. I still find it amazing that even though I live in Australia, I can have associations and collaborations with people on the other side of the world without that distance being a hindrance to keeping those connections alive and well. Hey, if it wasn’t for this concept, I probably wouldn’t be writing for Bit Rebels right now!

However, the other side of this equation is that the off switch for all this wonderful technological innovation has to be pulled by us. To put it another way, these tools can become very distracting. It can actually require a bit of willpower to put them down for a while and not be tempted to pick them up so we can check the latest status updates or see if we have any messages. If you use all this technology on a daily basis, try setting it down for a good half hour and allow yourself not to be distracted by anything. You will be amazed at the focus and clarity you will feel as your mind de-clutters from the constant distractions.

The world has become a small place, and technology has allowed us to connect with each other in ways we never would have imagined even twenty years ago. But as with anything, too much of anything is not good. It’s important to find balance in your life. Take some time out; read a book, meditate, go for a walk without an iPod, or watch the sun rise and set. Find that balance in your life, and you will feel a lot better for it!

What Techniques Do You Use To Find Balance In Your Life?


Image Credits: [PGiBlog] [CRI]