Do First Time Drug Offenders Go To Jail?

Getting arrested for a drug offense can be a major upset in your life, and will likely cause serious problems for you legally, professionally, and socially. It is important that as soon as you are arrested, you get in contact with a criminal defense lawyer who will be able to help you navigate this complicated, and oftentimes frustrating, process. works with clients who are both first-time and repeat offenders and fights aggressively to keep them out of jail, or to ensure that their penalties are close to the minimum required penalty in situations where there are mandatory penalties.

Texas is notably strict on drug enforcement and penalties, but a first offense does not have to be the end of the world. Legally speaking, a first-time felony drug offense in Texas comes with possible jail time of 10 years to 99 years, but when you are working with the right attorney you will work towards an alternative sentence that will include probation, drug education courses, and other alternative options to avoid jail.

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First Time Offender Programs In Texas

There are a variety of different types of first-time offender programs that you and your lawyer may work with a judge to agree upon, which will all depend on the type of felony drug charges that you have received, your criminal history, the circumstances surrounding the arrest and charges, and much more. Since there is no standardized information that offers a guideline for what alternatives are available for which types of charges, you will want to work closely with an attorney who understands Texas drug charges.

First Time Marijuana Drug Charges

While the country has recently seen a growing number of changes to the criminality of marijuana, and in many cases either decriminalization, approved medical use, or even full legalization for adults over the age of 21, Texas has not caught up to these trends. Possession of under 4 ounces of marijuana is a misdemeanor, as is an arrest for selling 7 grams or less, but possession of any amount of concentrates or hash is a felony charge.

First Time Cocaine Drug Charges

Cocaine is treated more seriously than marijuana when you are arrested in possession of, intending to distribute, manufacturing or selling the schedule I drug. Even simple possession of cocaine in Texas is considered a state jail felony and comes with a minimum of 6 months. However, you and your attorney will hopefully work towards a probation agreement and alternative punishments in order to avoid jail time if this was your first offense.

First Time Meth Drug Charges

Possession, manufacturing, and the sale of methamphetamine in Texas is a serious crime and comes with the possibility of serious penalties. In fact, simple possession of under 1 gram of meth can result in up to 2 years in jail if you and your attorney do not work towards alternative sentencing for your first-time drug offense.

The moment that you are able to make a call after being arrested, you should be in touch with an attorney who understands first-time drug charges in Texas and will start working aggressively to get you the lightest sentence possible.

Other First Time Drug Charges In Texas

The charges mentioned are only a small sampling of the possible penalties that a first-time drug offender may face in the state of Texas. Each drug has its own set of guidelines, mandatory minimums, and associated penalties that you and your lawyer will need to work through in order to get the most appropriate sentencing.

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