Five Benefits Using A Microlearning Approach

Although microlearning is an approach to learning that’s been around for many years, recently it’s become more accessible than ever. Thanks to the development of e-learning focused technology such as apps and programs and a rise in those who have access to it all around the world, trying out microlearning has never been easier.

If you’re yet to try it because you’re unaware of how it will benefit either you or your employees, we’re detailing five benefits of microlearning. To summarise microlearning before we get started, microlearning entails learning or training in bite-sized, manageable segments.

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Often, microlearning is super focused learning that comes in three to five-minute bursts that are used to meet specific learning outcomes. Over the years, microlearning has become a preferred learning approach for many, thanks to the many benefits, here are just five.

  • It’s learner-centric: If classroom approaches don’t suit you or your team when it comes to learning, microlearning might be the solution. Microlearning often appeals to learners as it gives them increased control to personalize their learning path to suit them best. Rather than being forced to digest large amounts of content in one sitting, they can pick and choose when and how they consume information.
  • It utilities the ‘Just-in-time’ principal: Learners often absorb and retain information much better when the information required is readily available to them in their moment of need. Microlearning apps and programs allow learners to access information on demand whenever they need it.
  • It provides flexibility: While rigid learning schedules may work for some, it certainly doesn’t for everyone. Instead, microlearning is a favored method for those that like to pick and choose when they learn. Microlearning offers flexibility like never before. With the use of a handy app, learners can learn on the go, no matter where they might be in the world.
  • It’s affordable: As a learner or someone delivering a course using microlearning, it’s affordable. Due to the short training duration, the costs associated with microlearning and e-learning courses are much lower than traditional learning approaches.
  • It’s adaptable to changing environments: traditional learning approaches and online courses can take months to develop. When you use a microlearning app, you’ll be able to keep up with the everchanging environment. In terms of learners, content is hyper-specific and digestible so that you can learn new things super quickly. For teachers, the content you publish on a microlearning app can be updated and posted within a matter of minutes, making it one of the most adaptable approaches to learning today.

There are many other benefits to microlearning which is precisely why it works so well for so many learners. If traditional approaches to learning aren’t working for you or your organization, microlearning is the solution for you.

By learning in small, digestible bursts, success rates and retention is usually much higher, therefore improving the final result. There’s no need to stick to outdated learning methods when something as straight-forward yet effective as microlearning is at your fingertips.

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