Five Ways To Invest In Your Family

important, but maintaining a healthy relationship with everyone is often complex and even rocky. As a parent, you want to build a strong family foundation. You’d love a future where your kids were still close to each other and you, and, while being independent of the family, still appreciated their roots and genuinely enjoyed visiting.

With how intense family drama can be, that may seem like a tall order. There are, however, ways to invest in family affection and create that bonded experience. Here are five suggestions for bringing your family closer together.

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Board Game Nights

Better than a family movie night, board games keep your family interacting. It’s important for kids to feel like their parents take time to play with them–but once they’re over the age of five, this often doesn’t happen. Board game nights are a great way to make everyone equal, and for your kids to have fun with their parents.

Read Aloud

Reading aloud with the family is a great habit to get into. Once the picture book era is done, families often stop reading together, but if both parents take turns reading aloud, a nightly or weekly book could become one of your kid’s favorite things to do.

Plan Showers

This one is for parents with grown-up kids. When your child gets married, or when your daughter or daughter-in-law becomes pregnant, you can try to be the family anchor by planning a shower. Showers naturally bring people together, and it’s a great way to show love to your kid. You can even offer your baby-knowledge as they create a Babies R Us,, or Target Baby Registry.

Go On Regular Family Vacations

Often, when asked what their favorite family memory is, grown children respond, “Vacations.” It’s a great time to get away from the typical stress and frustrations of life and bond. Even once your children are grown, a home-away-from-home vacation spot is a great place for everyone to gather. A timeshare, easily explored through a site such as Welk timeshare reviews, might be an excellent way to nurture your family.

Eat Dinner At The Table

While it might seem basic, one of the best ways to make a family feel “together” is to make sure everyone eats at the table, all at the same time. While this might not be possible every night, and while TV meals can still be an occasional treat, it’s important to gather and eat and have the only source of entertainment be the family and the stories of what happened to them during the day.

The things we invest in usually grow, so the more you take time to invest in your family, the brighter your collective future will be. Enjoy getting to know your children better, and enjoy the chance to foster that sense of what matters

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