Folk, Classical, And Jazz Music Help Our Dogs Get The Best Night’s Sleep, Study Says

Imagine how nice it would be if our dogs could just go to bed the minute lights are off for the day. However, this does not happen. Instead most nights you find your furry pet pacing and whining around the house at an ungodly hour, unable to fall asleep. A study from online casino Betway claims music can provide temporary relief and help your dog get settled in for the night.

And in case you find your dog’s insomnia to be a recurring issue you must seek Veterinary care.

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How Can Music Help Your Dog?

Music has been used as an effective stress management tool for decades. Just like us humans, dogs can feel anxious or scared too. But music helps relax their nervous system. But how? Filled with many different vibrations and tones, music owns the power to influence the emotional state of our pups. Research approves that certain genres of music like Folk, classical, and Jazz are more effective than others.

How Do Folk, Classical, And Jazz Help Your Dogs Get A Good Night’s Sleep?

From insomnia to separation anxiety there’s nothing Beethoven’s classical music cannot cure. Los Angeles-based dog sitter explains that once a poodle owner had suggested playing Beethoven for her dog if he started pacing back and forth or barked nonstop. Once ‘Moonlight Sonata’ was on the poodle would stop his pacing and quietly lay down on the couch. When the song ended the barking would begin again.

A recent study that recorded data about dogs’ sleeping hours and activities showed that dogs felt most relaxed while listening to Folk music. They slept peacefully for an hour beating the usual 46 minutes time frame.

A fitness tracker also tracked down the sleep scores of the canines and the results showed dogs’ likeness towards jazz music as well. While those dogs’ sleep scores went pretty high listening to folk, 88% – 92%, with an 87% score jazz wasn’t far behind as well.

The pups carefully showed their fondness for classical music over audiobooks.

Research conducted by the Scottish SPCA and the University of Glasgow, involving two groups of dogs, came to the conclusion that classical music had a calming effect on the furry participants. The dogs’ heartbeats, saliva samples, and stress levels significantly decreased after classical music was played in the background compared to a silent atmosphere. The more they played this genre of music, the more they relaxed and stopped barking.

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