Friendship Lamps – The Perfect Long-Distance Gift

Friendship lamps are perfect gifts for your long-distance partner, friends, and family members. When the lamp lights up in another color, you will know your loved one is thinking of you. These unique touch lamps allow you to easily connect with people you love around the world.

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Why Buy A Friendship Lamp?

Part of what makes the Internet great is the removal of geographic boundaries. On a large scale, people can connect within communities from around the world to create global change. Yet the Internet has an impact even on a smaller scale.

Today’s mobile world means we are often away from our friends and loved ones, whether at college, for work, or merely traveling. Technology makes it possible to stay connected even when we’re not in the same location.

A friendship lamp allows you to connect with long-distance friends, family members, or your partner from any distance – across miles, continents, and even oceans! Quick and easy to use, a touch lamp lets you tell someone you’re thinking of them even if you don’t have free time to talk.

If you are a recent high school grad moving away for college or work, a grandparent wanting to stay connected to your grandchildren, or long-distance partners with busy jobs – to name a few – a friendship lamp is the perfect choice.

How It Works

A friendship lamp is a lamp that connects over the Internet and lights up when you touch it, causing a secondary (or more) lamp to also light up. Simply connect the lamp to your Wi-Fi and ask your friend, relative, or partner to connect their lamp using the app and a unique group ID you create. Tapping one of the lamps will light up the other(s) paired with it, letting you know the other person is thinking about you.

When activated, the lamp pulses the same color for a few minutes, then slow dims over the next half hour. Because of the LED technology built-in, it can be virtually any color, so you can choose the color that matches your room or even has significance to your relationship.

Tips When Buying A Friendship Lamp

  1. If you are going overseas, keep in mind the different time zones. You won’t get much use out of the lamp if you’re going to bed when your partner is waking up.
  2. Friendship lamps require a good Internet connection, so make sure your lamp is compatible with the Wi-Fi available. Not all lamps connect to both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wi-Fi bands.
  3. Friendship lamps come in a variety of styles and colors. Pay attention to your partner’s room and style on video chat and pick a friendship lamp that best fits their situation.

If you are looking for a unique, creative way to stay in touch with loved ones, a friendship lamp is truly the perfect gift. Nothing beats spending time with one another in person, but thanks to the Internet and friendship lamps, you never have to really say goodbye.

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