Getting Your Space Ready For Winter: Fun & Practical Tips

Cold weather is coming. Is your space ready for winter? Use this as a checklist to prep your home for the upcoming winter season.

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Turn Off Your Outside Spigots

If you live in an area that experiences hard freezes, you are at risk for frozen and burst pipes. Outdoor spigots are a primary source of this issue. People forget to turn these off, the water inside of them freezes, and the pipes crack. This can result in extensive water damage and plumbing repair bills. Find the shutoff valve for each outdoor water source and turn them off until spring.

Winterize Your Outdoor Equipment

It’s time to put your lawn mower, weed eater, and even your swimming pool to bed for the winter. Refer to your owner’s manuals for instructions on doing this. For your pool, consider calling out a professional to close it down until next summer.

Place Your Warm Weather Clothes In Storage

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to put your warm-weather clothes away for the next few months. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you’ll be able to pull out all of those cute fall and winter outfits and maybe shop for some new threads.

Heads up! This is also the ideal time of year to purge and donate clothing that you haven’t worn in a while. A good rule of thumb is if you’ve already gone through a season without it, you can get rid of it.

Change Out Your Bedsheets And Blankets

This is both a practical and decorative task. If you replace your sheets and blankets with warmer versions, you can save on your winter heating bills. Consider investing in an electric blanket or throw to keep yourself even warmer without turning up the thermostat.

Also, you can change out the look of your bedroom easily by replacing that light-colored, spring and summer-themed comforter and duvet with something that’s appropriate for cold weather.

Swap Out Your Decorations

Keep upgrading the look of your home by swapping out your summer decorations for things that are a better fit for cooler weather. You can put out some holiday-themed candles, toss a blanket over the back of your couch, change out a few lamps, etc. It doesn’t take much to make an impactful, seasonal change.

Have Your Furnace Serviced

Preventative maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in HVAC repair costs. This is also a matter of safety. A professional will be able to identify potential carbon monoxide leaks and fire hazards. It’s worth the cost of a service call to have your system inspected, cleaned, and tuned up. You may even see a reduction in your utility bills.

Bring In Your Outdoor Furniture

Furniture left out for the winter often becomes a rusted mess. Upholstery can crack in extreme weather, and snow can cause rot. Keep your outdoor furnishings nice for next year by pulling them inside for fall and winter.

Fill Your Propane/Kerosene/Oil

Do you rely on fuel from a propane tank, refillable kerosene, or heating oil to keep your house warm? The delivery services that bring you the fuel you need are only going to get busy as things cool off. Don’t wait until it is too late. Get a fill-up as soon as you can. Nobody wants to run out of fuel, just as things are getting frigid.

Embrace The Cooling Weather!

It’s cooling off. That means you can look forward to the holidays, cute fall and winter looks, and a cozier atmosphere all around. You can have an enjoyable winter season this year.

All you need to do is follow the fun and practical tips listed above. And, of course, somebody to hold you tight during the cuffing season. For the latter, try Hily. Happy winter!

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