Go Longboard!

Skateboarder, Surfer, Snowboarder, if you ride, check out the progression going on in longboarding. You don’t need water to practice surfing and you don’t need snow to practice snowboarding, grab a longboard and get out there.
Longboarding lets you get technical, practice balance, rip, and ride terrain that is not normally accessible on a traditional skateboard. No surf, snow or skate park necessary. See where longboarding can take you and get involved with longskate.

All longboards in this video were made by Original Skateboards, all riding by the Original Skateboarding Team. Check us out online at: https://www.originalskateboards.com

A longboard is a skateboard with a longer and sometimes wider shape used for longboarding. They are most commonly used for cruising, downhill racing, slalom racing, or transportation. Longboards can be shaped in various different ways, depending on the type of riding intended. Their greater weight and bulk makes them less suitable for many skateboarding tricks, but contributes to a fluid motion by providing more momentum. Longboarding is often compared to surfing on concrete, and the design allows big turns or quick short carves similar to a surfboard.

One thing that is so cool is the design for the longboards, they are as cool as the ones you see on skateboards.