Go Out In Style: The Mercedes-Benz Coffin

Here in the States, most of the time death is associated with a lot of sadness. Many people still wear black to funerals, and there is a lot of crying and mourning. However, it’s not like that in all countries. Surprisingly, in many places, death is viewed as an event to celebrate someone’s life or to rejoice that they have passed on to their next journey.

Ghana is one of these places. They view a funeral as a joyful ritual, which eases sadness instead of initiating it (Hmm.. I wish we were more like that here!). In Ghana, you can even go out in style. You can actually be a diva at your own funeral.

The Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshop is a famous custom coffin maker in Ghana. They have been creating these Mercedes-Benz coffins for years. They don’t just make car coffins either. You can order whatever coffin you like, and they will custom make it from wood. Over the years, they’ve created coffins that looked like onions, lobsters, coke bottles, etc… Each coffin only costs about $600. Wow, I never thought dying could be so exciting! I think it would be a blast to custom order a special coffin like this. I might choose a coffin in the shape of a chicken wing, a bottle of beer, a Mac or maybe the Twitter bird! On second thought, I don’t think so.

[via Auto Motto]