Adopting A Green Lifestyle Can Save You Money [Infographic]

I remember earlier this month when it came out that organic foods aren’t significantly better for our health than non-organic foods. Aside from a lower exposure to pesticides (in fruits and vegetables) and a lower exposure to antibiotic-resistant bacteria (in meats), there is not much difference. A lot of people were upset by these findings since organic foods can sometimes cost double what non-organic foods cost. Of course, other people quickly came back to point out that people started buying organic in the first place not because of the health implications, but because it is better for the environment. It’s part of an overall green lifestyle.

If you are like me, you’ve always assumed that adopting a green lifestyle would be very expensive. The price of organic food is one example that points to this. However, that may not necessarily be the case. In this fresh infographic by paydayloan (designed by NowSourcing) called Is It Green To Be Green?, you’ll see that with some relatively small changes, you can convert to a more green lifestyle and save money at the same time.

Some of the green lifestyle examples they provide are not very practical, but just as many of them are. For example, it would be a huge commitment of time to use cloth diapers, and it could be a challenge to find a house close enough to your child’s school so you could walk him or her to school instead of using the car or bus. However, I love the ideas of camping for vacation instead of going to a theme park, and encouraging children to play outside instead of watching TV.

Living a green lifestyle isn’t about making a bunch of drastic changes really fast that are going to cause stress in your life. Instead, it should be about a shift in mindset, making small changes over the long term, and keeping the environment in mind when making decisions. At the end of 15 or 20 years, as you see in this infographic, the affects of those changes can be huge. Saving money while adopting a green lifestyle at the same time is the cherry on top of it all!

Green Lifestyle vs. Typical Lifestyle

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Via: [Paydayloan] [Huffington Post]