5 Powerful Foods That Help Control Chronic Migraines

If you are someone who deals with migraines on a regular basis, then you know how excruciating these episodes can be. It’s pretty horrible when you get a migraine and you just can’t do anything else until it goes away. It feels like your head is about to split open and any sound is magnified ten times. However, did you know that there are actually ways that you can help your migraine by just changing up your diet?

That’s right! There are tons of powerful foods you can add to your diet to help control those migraines. All you have to do is keep reading down below to learn which you need to add to your regular diet and you’ll start seeing a decrease in those migraines you get.

5 Foods Help Migraines Fruits and Veggies

1. Fruits And Veggies

Remember when your parents used to tell you that you’ve got to get your fruits and veggies in every day? Well, they knew what they were talking about because it’s been shown that fruits and veggies can do way more than just keep your waistline small. They are actually fantastic for reducing your risk for migraines. The best thing about fruits and veggies is the fact that they have a natural plant estrogen that helps to reduce the negative impacts that come with our body’s regular estrogen production. This is especially helpful for those women who face migraines when they come onto their periods. Most people think that this is because of the sudden drop in estrogen levels in your body that comes with a period. So, when you get fruits and veggies in your diet, you are going to see much fewer migraines during your period. Not just that, when you get a serious bout of migraine, a banana peel can cause wonders in healing it.

5 Foods Help Migraines Legumes

2. Legumes

In fact, fruits and veggies are not the only foods that can help with your estrogen levels. The same impact comes whenever you add more legumes into your diet. These are beans and nuts that you might not eat a lot to begin with, but they are definitely necessary to have in your diet. They have the same effects as fruits and veggies for estrogen levels, but they are also super low in fat and will give your body a ton of fiber to work off of. Make sure to get some more legumes into your diet if you want to be super healthy and if you want to treat migraines you face on a daily basis.

5 Foods Help Migraines Coffee

3. Coffee

It turns out that your cup of Joe in the morning can seriously help with those migraines you might be experiencing, as well. You might think that extra caffeine can cause your migraine to start. That’s true in some people, but for the main population of people who experience migraines, a couple of cups of coffee can help reduce the pain you feel from your migraine. The main reason that migraines start happening is because of swollen blood vessels in your brain. Coffee works by reducing that swelling thanks to its natural anti-inflammatory properties. That’s why caffeine is always one of the most common ingredients in migraine medicines that are sold over-the-counter. The next time you’re feeling a migraine coming on, try drinking some coffee ASAP to get rid of the pain or at least minimize it.

5 Foods Help Migraines Ginger

4. Ginger

Another fantastic ingredient that you can add to your regular diet is ginger. It’s been shown that ginger actually has properties that are similar to those drugs that decrease inflammation. And as mentioned with caffeine, inflammation of the brain’s blood vessels is the main reason why we feel so much pain from migraines. There hasn’t been too much research into the migraine-reducing effects of ginger, but it does for sure help with nausea that you feel whenever you have a migraine. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t try out some ginger tea whenever you are feeling a migraine coming on. Just start adding some pieces of ginger into your regular cup of green tea or another caffeinated tea. The combination of the caffeine and ginger can seriously help with those migraines you have. And it tastes amazing, as well!

5 Foods Help Migraines Almonds

5. Foods That Are Rich In Magnesium

And lastly, if you want to get rid of those migraines, then you should start adding any food into your diet that’s rich in magnesium. Think about whole grains and dark leafy vegetables when you think of foods that have a lot of magnesium. It’s been shown through many studies that those people who don’t have enough magnesium in their bodies are more likely to face migraines than those who do have enough magnesium. When there is not enough magnesium in the brain, we are more likely to be pretty sensitive to migraines and their effects. Some great examples of magnesium-rich foods are pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts, and almonds.

When you’re facing your next migraine, you might be thinking that there’s nothing you can do about this condition you face. However, as mentioned in the above article, there are tons of new foods you can add to your diet to help out with the pain you experience from migraines.

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5 Powerful Foods That Help Control Chronic Migraines

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