Group Jet Charter – 5 Of The Most Luxurious Travel Destinations In Europe

From blasting the fresh powder on the slopes of the Swiss Alps to a round of golf on Spain’s sun-drenched island of Gran Canaria, or even a whiskey tasting session in the Scottish Highlands, private group jet charter can open up boundless possibilities for the perfect European group getaway. Or, if you are eyeing private islands for sale.

The popularity of private jet charters for groups has grown enormously since the start of the global COVID pandemic. It seems that no matter what happens, people will always want to travel, and will find a way to do it in safety and comfort.

A private group jet charter, using an experienced air charter service, can arrange a safe and comfortable luxury travel experience for family, friends, sports fans, and corporate groups to some of the top destinations in Europe.

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By booking a private jet charter, groups can avoid the crowds and queues associated with commercial travel and busy airports. Additionally, a professional charter company will ensure full flexibility for your itinerary, regardless of group size, destination, or complexity, and with the backing of a large network of supporting aircraft even remote or small airports can be utilised to service the groups’ needs.

From islands in the sun to relaxing countryside experiences in nature, family reunions in private villas, team-building exercises on the slopes, or just the desire to escape in safety and with peace of mind, group jet rental provides the perfect solution.

But where to go? With so many amazing and luxurious destinations to choose from all over Europe, there is the perfect destination for everyone. So, for now, and in no particular order, we’ve compiled a list of 5 luxury getaway destinations to get the thought process started.

Monte Carlo, Monaco – The Jet-set Destination

Long regarded as the place where the rich and famous come to play, Monte Carlo, the capital of the principality of Monaco – and the world’s second-smallest country – is synonymous with jet-set travellers and luxurious lifestyles. Embracing the warm azure waters of the South of France and the Mediterranean Sea, the city is fronted by an A-list of 5-star hotels, casinos, restaurants, and designer stores, while the mega-yachts of the super-rich stand guard in the bay.

As a destination for luxury group travel, Monte Carlo plays host to a year-round pageant of renowned sporting and cultural events. With a host of airstrips to choose from, Monaco and its capital are easily reached by private jet charter from almost every European location. Famous for its Formula One Monaco Grand Prix, the Monaco Yacht Show – attracting some of the world’s most wealthy people – and the Festival International du Cirque, the tiny Principality is always abuzz with activity, entertainment, nightlife, and the best cuisines the world has to offer.

Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast – A Meeting Of History And Beauty

It is only in the past twenty-five years that the word of Croatia’s stunning beauty has begun to reach the outside world. With a coastline stretching the length of the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is home to hundreds of still-unspoiled destinations, perfect for groups of families and friends to relax under sapphire blue skies, take to the cooling crystal-clear waters, and dine peacefully in quaint island restaurants on the fruits of the adjacent lapping sea.

The Dalmatian Coast, including the historic city of Dubrovnik and its outlying pine-carpeted islands, attract those who love to take to the sea with luxury yacht charters while exploring the villages, towns, and islands scattered like stars along the coastline. A private group jet charter, landing in the nearby and compact Dubrovnik airport, can easily have a group of friends aboard their yacht, on leaving port in a matter of only an hour or two after arrival.

The Greek Islands – Peace And Solitude For Groups

Pick a Greek island, any Greek island and you won’t be disappointed. The multitude of islands –estimated to number between 1,200 and 6,000, depending on how you define an island – can provide the perfect getaway in solitude and tranquillity for groups of all sizes. With many airports and landing strips to choose from, supported by private ferry services, the islands are accessible from any part of the European continent in just a couple of hours.

From the secluded island of Syros, and the manor houses of Poseidonia and Vaporia, where a homage is paid to locally-produced cuisine, to the island of Sifnos, often described as the most delicious Greek island where the balance between low-key luxury and unspoiled authenticity has been forged, there is a Greek island to suit any private jet charter group. If you prefer to explore the islands further afield, you will never find them too crowded as a private traveler.

Choose between the open art gallery – beloved by celebrities – that is Hydra, the jealously guarded secret of Milos with its dramatic coastlines and abundant beaches, or the tiny island of Paxos for that perfect blend of seclusion and sophistication.

Explore Scotland And The Highlands In Privacy And Comfort

The lakes, glens, islands, and highlands of Scotland evoke a thousand emotions granted by its rich history, its unforgettable landscapes, and the warmth of its people. Truly a place for a private group of family, friends, or business colleagues to get lost and create a memorable experience that will last a lifetime. Dotted with airports and landing strips, a private group jet charter can take you to a land of magic and historic wonder.

Trace the story of the legendary Scottish knight, William Wallace, awake your senses with a tour of one of the thousands of distinctive Scottish Whisky distilleries, or fill your senses with views of Ben Nevis, Loch Ness, or simply enjoy the remoteness of the natural beauty of the Scottish Highlands. For golf lovers, The Royal and Ancient St. Andrews, the birthplace of golf, is akin to walking on hallowed ground.

Visit historic castles where the ghosts of Celtic heroes still guard the crumbling ramparts, or simply relax in the modern comforts of a grand Scottish castle suitable for a laird. Scotland is the perfect group destination to unwind, be amazed, and refill the senses with the vibrancy of the place’s natural beauty.

Switzerland – Where Mountains Become Your Playground

For snow lovers in winter and as a welcome respite for luxurious spa retreats in summer, the mountains of Switzerland provide the perfect backdrop for would-be escapees of the modern world. Fly in on your private jet to any number of high-altitude airfields and instantly breathe in the invigorating Alpine air, and feast your eyes on ever-changing magical hues of towering peaks, rolling meadows, and lakes that mirror the blueness of the expansive sky.

With five-star luxury to be found everywhere, from luxurious hotels to private villas, the Swiss Alps can accommodate the tastes of any sized group arriving for business or pleasure. Situated in the heart of Europe, a private jet charter can bring the rural idyll of the mountains to your doorstep in a few short hours. Hop on a plane in London, Berlin, Oslo, or Madrid, and after a comfortable and relaxing private flight, step out into a landscape of unforgettable natural beauty.

For lovers of the pistes, winter is a magical time to experience the mountains both on and off the slopes in the company of family or good friends.

Choosing The Right Group Jet Charter Partner

It might seem complicated to organize a group jet charter: where to do, how many to take with you, where’s the nearest airport, will we be safe, and what about schedules – so many questions.

That’s where the beauty of building a relationship with an experienced charter company can save you both time and money. Their years of experience let them answer all the questions easily and quickly. Plus, with access to a network of private planes, no matter your destination a professional charter company can find the right plane in the right location, with the added flexibility of exactingly matching your schedule and your unique requirements.

With the help of professionals, you can organize your private jet group travel experience even at short notice. Bon voyage!

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