The Ultimate Guide For Finally Getting Organized [Infographic]

When you think about getting organized, how do you feel? For many of us, just thinking about it makes our muscles tighten and the stress start to come. Maybe that’s because there is a method to our madness, and even though we may look disorganized to everyone else, we know where everything is. Nah…That’s just what we tell ourselves, right?

Whenever I work on getting organized, I feel much better inside and out. It’s almost like when our work area is in disarray, we don’t feel quite right, and we can’t work in an ultimately optimized way. Something holds us back, and it’s probably the big mess piled in front of us.

This infographic called How To Be The Most Organized Person In The World (by Greatist) truly is an ultimate guide to getting organized. It offers organization tips for our online and offline lives. It covers our computer, gmail, Twitter, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, home office, purse or briefcase and our lives in general. There are some things on here that seem so obvious, and I can’t believe I wasn’t doing them before.

The funny thing is, when we are going a million miles a minute during the day, sometimes we don’t even stop to learn about a new method that could help us with getting organized and save us time because it takes time to learn about it, if that makes sense. It’s a maze of circular logic and a completely counterproductive way to think (I do it all the time). If we can just slow down for a minute to evaluate our methods and processes, we can find things that will save us five or ten minutes here or there and keep us organized. Optimization is this year’s buzzword, and this is one way to optimize your life. So if getting organized is something that’s been on your to-do list for a while, hopefully this infographic will be helpful!

The Ultimate Guide For Getting Organized


Via: [Ruhani Rabin / Pinterest] Header Image Credit: [The Poconos]