Half-Life Headcrab Creative Cupcake Will Mess With Your Head

We’ve written about a lot of happy, cheerful, creative cupcakes on Bit Rebels. You know, the kind like these beach cupcakes that make you smile as you gobble them up. But sometimes, we aren’t in the mood for cheerful, perky cupcakes. Sometimes we are in the mood for something edgy and more doom and gloom, right? If you are feeling that way today, I have the perfect cupcake for you. It’s so creepy that I don’t know if I would be able to bring myself to eat it. Okay, I would eat it because I couldn’t resist a perfectly delicious cupcake placed in front of me, but still, it’s really strange. It’s definitely a creative cupcake.

Headcrabs are the alien parasitoids found in Half-Life, and this cupcake is obviously inspired by that geeky abomination. If you grew up playing Half-Life, you might just like to try your hand at making these. Liz at Artistic Aviary created these, and from what I can find, I think she was inspired by the ones that Ducky at Crank That Thing Gordon originally made. Thank you both for taking me back to lots of memories circa 2008 with these creative cupcake doomsday delights.

These cupcakes are in parchment paper since Liz couldn’t find cupcake liners. I think they look great just like this. The icing is cream cheese flavored, and the headcrab is a giant, reshaped, painted (with food coloring) marshmallow. Yum! The more I write about this, the more I think I could definitely eat that thing in like two seconds. If you were a hardcore Half-Life fan, I found something else you might really like too. I don’t know if it’s available anymore, but I dug up this Headcrab Hat which is somewhat ironic since it will wrap around your head like it’s messing with your brain. I also found a recipe for Headcrab steamed buns on Snack or Die. Enjoy!

Half-Life Headcrab Creative Cupcake





Via: [Obvious Winner]