A Handy Checklist Of 6 Things You Need To Do Before You Move House

Whether you’re moving for the first time from your parent’s house or starting anew with your family someplace else, the prospect of moving into a new house is certainly filled with hopeful possibilities.

However, it does entail a daunting task of not only transporting your belongings but also updating important individual details as well. It helps to have a checklist of the things that you’ll need to address when it’s time to move house. Here are some important things that you’d want to jot down on that list:

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1. Finalize Logistics

Assuming all of the nitty-gritty details of your new home has been sorted out, the only left thing to do is to actually move out and leave your old one. Book a date with your moving company, also you may want to take the day off to deal with the move as these companies charge extra on peak days like weekends and holidays.

Before the movers come, you should have prepared and organized your stuff so that it’ll be easy to track them. Remember to put labels and categorize them accordingly so that you’ll be able to determine which is where.

If you need a storage unit, your movers would know a good spot to place your unused items. Also, make sure you clean your belongings before you pack them, you don’t want to unpack them and find all of your things in the box soiled or greasy.

Pack a separate bag for your essentials because unpacking your entire possession in less than a day is nearly impossible. Having extra clothes and other essential items will save you the time from having to sift through boxes for a measly toothbrush and your pajamas.

2. Update Your Address

With so many things moving around, it’s easy to lose track of some of the small but important things. It’s advisable that you secure your documents along with your valuables in a safe but accessible place.

You also need to update your address and redirect your post so that you’ll be able to receive your bills and other correspondence at your new home. Bills should be kept track of in order to avoid late payments that could affect your credit scores.

3. Remember To Lock Up

When everything that needs to be packed is virtually done, take a last thorough tour around the house, not to reminisce but to check if you didn’t leave anything behind you don’t intend to. Make sure you lock the doors, especially the windows at your old property before you leave as the security experts from https://www.gmlocksmiths.co.uk/ warn that burglars can easily get into your home by lock snapping them.

You may also want to get advice from your local locksmith to make sure that all your locks are safely secured and equipped with anti-lock snapping mechanisms to provide a level of security for your belongings left in the house. More importantly, you should have all the locks replaced in your new house a day or two prior to moving in.

4. Arriving At Your New Home

Don’t forget to instruct your removal company to place boxes in their designated rooms by way of the labels placed on it. This will save you the trouble of having to sort them out and moving them individually into their respective areas in the house. Take account of all the boxes and see if all of them are all in good condition, but you may also want to check its contents one by one.

Since you’ve separated your special boxes, you may want to place them in a secure place wherein you’ll be able to spot them in a sea of boxes. It may sound strange, but your bathroom is a good place to store them when you arrive.

5. Organize And Settle In

Once all of your boxes are removed from the trucks, the next step is to clean your new home and start sorting out the things to check for missing and damaged items. If you have kids old enough to take care of their things, have them organize their stuff in their new room so you can deal with the things in the common area.

6. Research Your New Surroundings

After you’ve settled in and have wrapped your head around the move, check your new appliances and other machines in the house. Take note of the things that don’t work properly and deal with them after you’ve tidied up the entire house. You also would want to research your new community. This includes bus routes, schools, nearest hospitals, stores, and other essential businesses.

There are still a lot of things to do in between, but with every move, there are unique situations that you’ll have to figure out when you’re there. The important thing is that you’d be able to quickly and smoothly transition to your new property and leave all your affairs in order at your old house.

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