Have A Giggle: Jingle Bells From YouTube’s Talking Pets!

You can see and feel holiday cheer everywhere on the Internet. People are even wearing Santa hats on their avatars on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. You see people posting and sharing recipes for others to try for their Christmas dinners, and there are vast numbers of wine recommendations for the Christmas and New Year celebrations. We will soon start seeing countdowns and the “best of the year” posts on blogs to recap the year, and of course, let us not forget the number of posts that will show us what trends to expect for the coming year ahead.

The thing I love most about the holidays is the music. I guess it brings back so many good memories of Christmas. To me, music will always get us into the holiday spirit. My good friend @admrich shared a very funny video from YouTube’s talking pets on Facebook, and I just thought it was a good way to give us all a break to forget our worries and just smile and have a hearty laugh. The editor of the video did a great job. He asked people to send in clips of their pets, and he put it all together for us to enjoy!

Image Source [Maksim Shmeljov / Shutterstock]