24 Best Verified Coupon Sites Available On The Internet

Certainly, no one likes it when they have to search the web, newspapers, and every possible location looking for coupons. This is why we have made this list of the 20 best coupon sites on th internet, so you don’t have to search anymore.

These applications and websites help you immensely in saving money. It makes it easy and faster to search for the latest and greatest coupons and discount codes.  It doesn’t matter if you want to shop at a grocery shop or use a virtual coupon online, these sites have got you covered.

It has been stated that consumers save around $ 3.4 trillion in 2014 according to NCH, using coupons to make a purchase. Long gone are the days when people have to make full price payments for commodities. According to Bountii, coupons have been a staple for shoppers looking to save money. Here is a list of the best coupon websites around.

20 Best Coupon Sites RetailMeNot

1. RetailMeNot

This is the largest site that provides coupons. RetailMeNot is full of discounts and offers.

It has an online community where users submit coupons and also share ideas on which coupon is working at a particular time. There is feedback on how a coupon worked and much more.

The site has an app for your smartphones, and it’s such a large site that it boasts of coupons for more than 50 000 local stores online.

RetailMeNot not only gives you coupons to save cost, but also gives you discounts which you can convert to gift cards to use in your favorite shops, quick cash back offers, and also dining discounts.

20 Best Coupon Sites Coupons

2. Coupons

There is no better place to get coupons than you’d get on coupons.com. It has got a very easy to remember the name, and it is one of the largest digital coupon providers in the United States.

There are hundreds of thousands of deals for whatever it is you want to buy. This includes household goods, clothes, groceries and even cosmetics.

All you need do is to provide your zip code, and the site will automatically search for coupons in your local area.

You can browse through and choose which you want, print any necessary coupon needed to take to your favorite stores.

You can also get the Android or iPhone app.

Saver Verified Coupon Sites Article Image

3. Saver

Saver.com is a popular coupon site that helps you find 100% working coupons for anything from courses to health and wellness, electronics, entertainment, services, and more. The updated coupons and handpicked seasonal discounts let you find the products at the best-discounted prices.

With over 4000 brands and 10,000+ verified coupons, it’s easy to find the best discount. Alongside, it provides saving tips helping you save big every time you shop. It has a catalog of easy-to-browse categories and subcategories so that you will find what you are looking for in no time. With the regularly updated coupons, you can unlock the latest offers. The ease of use and variety of coupons make Saver.com the best destination for all your shopping needs.

4. ClothingRIC

ClothingRIC is a coupon website that started in 2013 to help customers get discounts on clothing and lifestyle items. As the website grew, it became a one-stop-shop for coupons, promo codes, and free shipping for a wide variety of items. Today, clothingRIC is a premium online coupon platform for both big and small online stores.  

On the website’s coupon catalog, you can get discounts on everything from pet food to airline tickets.  The platform is also geared towards creating a community of smart online shoppers. It guides consumers in saving money and arms them with tips and tricks to get the best value for their money. Due to these reasons and maintaining the highest quality of service, the website has received coverage on mainstream media sites such as Yahoo and MSN.

Beyond coupons and money-saving tips for customers, ClothingRIC.com also provides insights to retailers in its blog section. Retailers can get information on the latest seasonal shopping trends, customer preferences, and much more on this website. 

20 Best Coupon Sites Couppin

5. Couppin

When you visit Couppin, you’d have the opportunity of getting coupons with ease.

The site filters its coupons by categories and top stores. If you are interested in shipping, there is a free shipping tab where you get shipping deals to ship your products.

Couppin have all the information on the several store pages which is dedicated to each store. On these store pages, you get all the information you need about that store, you get to know about the information on their shipping and return policies, product information, money saving tips (this is particularly important to reduce cost).

In fact, you do not need to visit the websites belonging to each store, Couppin has got all the information for you. The regular blog updates also help educate you on best choices for better satisfaction.

The site promises to release their iOS and Android apps, which will send you deal alerts in real time.

20 Best Coupon Sites Offers

6. Offers

On Offers.com, what you will find is a wide range of coupons for a very large variety of electronic products. From the biggest makers of electronics like Samsung and Apple and makers of computers like HP, etc.

You can select coupons based on the keywords you have selected. To get coupons for specific products or brands, you can also search based on categories.

The promo codes on offer.com are verified and rated by the staff of the website.

Offers.com have over 217000 offers on each of all the categories listed. And they have the offers in two major categories, everyday offer, and holiday offer.

They have a team of over 60 specialists working for you.

CouponX Website Screenshot Article Image

7. CouponX

Want to get the most exciting deals in town? Grab the best prices for the most amazing products across multiple categories with our coupons. You will get access to the most strategic deals, discounts and rebates. You can win amazing cashback and gift cards with the coupons on CouponX. We give you 100% genuine, working coupons that are really useful. And trust us, we cater to all categories!


20 Best Coupon Sites GoodSearch


8. Shoppirate

Tired of expired coupons and scouring the internet for deals and promotional codes? Here is Shoppirate, It is one of the leading Trusted Coupons and Deals Website in the USA. At shoppirate shoppers looking for a quick and easy path to online coupons and deals will find only the genuine and working coupon codes.

It’s because their dedicated team working directly with retailers/brands to make sure you get the best savings.

Verified Coupon Sites Shoppirate Image

9. Goodsearch

With Goodsearch, you get up to 50% off.  There is a section where you get coupons verified by the site admin.

Here Coupons are even categorized by purchase location (in store or online), discount type (if you want percentage off or $ off) and against every coupon, you get to know if it is still active or has expired.

GoodSearch is also involved in charity. They are connected with over 114000 non-profit organizations and schools, so as you shop, you help a cause. If the cause you prefer (assuming it is a cancer research organization) isn’t listed, you have the chance to add it immediately.

This site is rated 5/5 by users.

20 Best Coupon Sites CouponCabin

10. CouponCabin

One thing that stands this site out is how fast you can search for desired coupons.

Once you arrive at the site, you will be greeted with a big box, in which you can punch in the name of your desired shop, and you’d see the coupons available.

Alternatively, you can search by category or browse through a list of available coupons.

It has an Amazon finder for coupons.

20 Best Coupon Sites Coupon Follow

11. CouponFollow

Just like you get on twitter where you follow, CouponFollow allows you know of the latest trending coupons, and how effective they are.

There is a newsletter to allow you sign up and get regular email alerts on deals and offers.

The site allows you to search for coupons by stores, offers etc. there is a community where members are allowed to post their own working coupons.

You can take advantage of this by posting your own coupons too. The site also has a tool bar which is installed to your browser and gives you alerts when deals are available

Coupon follows: as mentioned earlier, coupon follow utilizes twitter ideas and strategies. So you need to have signed up for twitter to use them. If you don’t have a twitter account, you might do that now and tweet at them for a retweet.

20 Best Coupon Sites DontPayFull

12. DontPayFull

With DontPayFull, you can get exclusive deals from stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and many other top-quality stores.

Upon reaching the site, you are welcome with a search bar with which you can search the site by available stores, offers, brands etc.

The most popular deals of the day are listed on the home page and this helps you make a quick selection. The site is also categorized into several items, software, region, shipping etc

DontPayFull has delivered over 10 million coupons and deals in about six years. Their dream to change how shopping is done keeps driving them to push the frontiers of shopping. Their belief is that friends don’t pay full.

20 Best Coupon Sites CouponChief

13. CouponChief

This is really the coupon chief. Unlike other sites that allow community support, you get paid for coupons you release to this site.

You can search the site too by stores which include Amazon and the biggest of stores you know. You can also get daily most popular offers direct to your mail box if you sign up to the newsletter.

CouponChef claims to be the only deal website that pays its customers through their pay2share program. They pay registered customers who contribute coupons 2% of the revenue generated.

20 Best Coupon Sites DealsPlus

14. DealsPlus

If you want to get deals and “plus” you must visit DealsPlus.

DealsPlus receives monthly visitors of over 7million and shares way over 15000 deals on a monthly basis. Members have shared almost 2 million deals and close to 300k coupons in the community.

Upon reaching the site, you get daily offers on their home page, and you can search further if your choice is not listed on the homepage.

On this site, you get offers and deals to shop on the biggest sites including AliExpress.

You get alerts through their app if you install their iOS and Android apps. The site gives you over 50% discount on some items listed.

20 Best Coupon Sites Savings

15. Savings

It might just be the perfect idea for you to check out this site before making any purchase. This is because it has many coupon codes for either store or brands coupon.

It has a search box which helps you to browse by category.

If you have tips or coupon codes to share, you are also encouraged to do so by contributing to the community of savers.

20 Best Coupon Sites BradsDeals

16. Brad’s Deals

The coupons on the site are handpicked by the website publishers. You might want to choose from latest deals to the most popular offers or request to what is known as Brad’s picks.

You will find the biggest and most current deals right on their homepage.

They have around 3800 listed stores, and there you can find online coupons that are also printable.

Brad’s Deals claim not to be a shop, but just a service. According to them, “we do not sell anything. We’re just a service scouring the web to get you better deals.”

20 Best Coupon Sites Coupon Sherpa

17. CouponSherpa

The site allows you to search with ease according to your desires and options, which include a wide range of selections like grocery, printable coupons, fashion, and accessories etc.

Coupons are also categorized into different sections, from accessories, jewelry, games, and toys to office supplies and a host of others.

CouponSherpa verifies coupons they publish. The site claims to be the first coupon site to feature deals from over a hundred shops.

20 Best Coupon Sites DealsCatcher

18. DealCatcher

When you don’t know anything about where to find bargains, this site will help.

The site is categorized into several categories like merchant, products etc.

It doesn’t matter what you need, be it fun, or electronics or toys and games… when you click on the sales and coupon tab, you will get a list of over 180 storewide sales and coupons.

You can also sort this out by categories, such as latest arrivals, product title, most popular, lowest frame, highest discount, store name, etc. you get latest daily discount alerts by email if you sign up for their email alert or follow them on twitter.

DealCatcher is for product reviews, deals, rebates, sales and of course, coupons. It helps you save money and make educated purchases. The staff are constantly working to keep the site full of deals all day long.

20 Best Coupon Sites FatWallet

19. FatWallet

FatWallet offers pages for deals, which varies from gadgets to clothing, computers, and many other tools.

All you need do is to make a selection and continue to cart.

FatWallet brags about their ability to hand-pick deals and coupon on a daily basis. With over 1700 stores including Amazon and Walmart, they claim to be the best.

They also have a community where you get to interact with other users.

20 Best Coupon Sites SlickDeals

20. Slickdeals

Slickdeals is another cool site which is particular about their community. Slickdeals encourage everyone to submit their deals and coupons for others to get something to use.

In fact, coupons from the community are rated according to popularity through the votes done in the community. You’d find the best ones on the home page. However, you can search the site to get whichever specific one you need.

Slickdeals promises to give back to charity, any one of your choice, once you save money on your purchase.

This site claims to be the largest site for deals. Having saved over $4B, and over 10M monthly users, you’d not dispute their claims.

On the site, once the community has submitted a coupon, members would vote, and the site admin would curate. This helps to verify coupons.

20 Best Coupon Sites ShopAtHome

21. ShopAtHome

ShopAtHome has thousands of shopping coupons. Almost all of these are printable and has lots of rebates included.

It has also got many online deals.

It has a toolbar which can be installed in your web browser which watches each visited website and will notify you if any coupons or offers are available.

20 Best Coupon Sites LivingSocial

22. Living Social

This site is an amazing one, especially for those who like to support local businesses, because it is particular to local shopping.

On this site, you’d get countless coupons for the local shops.

They are also a ‘store’ section which has lots of great deals.

20 Best Coupon Sites Groupon

23. Groupon

Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of Groupon?

They focus on you saving money with local coupons and deals.

Sometimes, you save up to a massive 70% or even more on several products and services

Groupon thrives on community values, inspiration, performance, etc. They believe life should be fun and paying excess charges shouldn’t be a part of it.

20 Best Coupon Sites FreeShipping

24. FreeShipping

Do you love paying excess charges for shipping? I doubt it. Thanks to FreeShipping.

FreeShipping.com is just here to help you avoid those dreaded and expensive shipping fees.

This site has evolved and grown from previous philosophies. Where there believed only in cheap and free shipping.

Now they offer around 10% off on items should you buy through their links. They also offer free shipping and other coupons.

But then, to enjoy this, you need to register, and it costs $ 12.97 monthly, although there is a free trial period of 7 days.

CouponX Website Screenshot Article Image

25. KingCasinoBonus

Considering the increased need for reliable and functional online casino offers, KingCasinoBonus is here to fill that gap while keeping alive the highest safety standards. What differentiates them from similar services is their impressive collection of coupons, currently in the dozens range, with many more added weekly.

Opposed to other e-commerce niches, the offers here do not cut your expenses from a higher margin to a lower one. Even better, they are a gateway to not paying a dime. For people unfamiliar with the domain, the opportunities are also accompanied by data proving their value, instructions on how to use them, and other rules that need to be followed.

Coupon List Guide Article Image 24


There you have it. The top 20 coupon sites to shop and save your money. Feel free to use any one as they are all top quality and have latest and working codes.

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20 Best Verified Coupon Sites Available On The Internet

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