Have You Ever Wondered What Fried Beer Tastes Like?

I like fried chicken, well I like anything fried really, especially when it comes to home cooked meals that my mom prepares for us. She has a certain way of frying things so that it comes out really crispy and very tasty. Lately we have been cutting back on the frying and doing a lot more grilling and steaming. We try to enjoy some occasional fried calamari or fried tofu (bean curd) with noodle soup on the side. If you love fried food and beer, I have found an interesting concoction for you.

Here is one fried food idea that I believe will make the beer lovers rejoice. I know that beer is added to batter so that whatever we are frying comes out really crispy and golden brown. However, this is the first time that I have really heard of Fried Beer. According to the report, the recipe was featured in the Texas State Fair. It is a pocket pretzel with beer inside. It also does not lose the beer’s potency since it is not cooked for very long, unlike other recipes wherein the beer’s alcohol potency is eliminated due to the cooking time and process. They look like little raviolis, but when you open one, you will see the golden liquid flow from the pockets. I wonder what that tastes like.