Laugh More Today! The Health Benefits Of Laughter [Infographic]

There are two types of people in the world, those who laugh a lot and those who don’t. The people who love laughing view the world and everyone in it a little differently than those who don’t. Someone once said, “laughter is the sound of the soul dancing,” and I agree. I laugh all the time, and I have the lines on my face to prove it. Have you ever wondered about the side effects of laughing? What about the health benefits of laughter? As it turns out, laughing is not only good for the soul, but good for the body and mind too.

In this infographic called What Laughter Can Do For You (by Greatist), we’ll get to see all the health benefits of laughter. I knew that laughter was good for us, but I had no idea it could do things like improve memory, treat insomnia, boost creativity and even protect against heart attacks. In addition to that, this says laughter makes men more attractive to women. Hmm…I wonder if it makes women more attractive to men too.

Even though this infographic doesn’t say it, I also think laughter is healthy just for the simple fact that it feels good. It lightens all our muscles and makes us feel happy, or at least it does to me. It helps us take ourselves and our lives a little less seriously, which is helpful on those days when it feels like we have the weight of the world on our shoulders. The moral of the story is, never pass up a chance to laugh. In addition to the health benefits of laughter, it’s just good. Everything about it is good. So talk to a friend, read some tweets, watch a funny movie, learn some new jokes or go to your favorite goofy website and get your giggle on. It’s cheap medicine for whatever ails you!

The Health Benefits Of Laughter


Via: [Greatist] Header Image Credit: [Zawaj]