Here’s What Travel May Look Like Post-COVID

With several vaccines currently making their way to the arms of people everywhere, travelers are once again asking a question on their minds since last March: When will travel resume as normal?

You would think that the answer would be: When society reaches her immunity. But the real answer, like so many things in this pandemic, is murkier than it first seems. It may be a while before the travel industry bounces back and even longer before the average jet-setter restores their pre-pandemic level of comfort with traveling.

Still, it’s interesting to speculate what travel may look like when all of this is over. How will the mentality around travel change, if at all? What places will be swarmed with tourists? And what kind of trip can you safely plan? In this article, let’s examine how travel may change post-COVID.

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Expect To See A Bump In Local Travel

Last summer saw the rise of the road trip. You can expect to see that same local enthusiasm carry over into 2021. Avoiding airports seems top-of-mind for many reticent travelers, who nevertheless want to leave the confines of their homes and see nature. A road trip ticks those boxes.

It may be the only option available this summer. Therefore, it’s wise to plan this year’s vacation around the idea of a road trip. Get yourself a dependable, comfortable vehicle capable of towing and hauling, like the Ford F-150, and invest in some camping gear. If it does come to pass that air travel remains forbidden, you’ll still be prepared for a fun summer vacation.

Hot Weather Destinations May See Massive Demand

After a bitingly cold North American winter, many people are daydreaming of the beach. How could they not? If international travel restrictions are lifted at some point in 2021, expect to see a mad dash for beach vacations.

If it’s a hot trip you’re after, the best advice is to act soon. Just be sure to book a refundable plane ticket and a hotel with a generous cancellation policy.

Airport Screenings Will Likely Become The Norm

Airports have been at the forefront recently of national containment efforts. They have set up robust screening protocols, taking passengers’ temperatures and even, in some cases, mandating rapid-result COVID tests.

It’s important to remember that even if the virus is contained locally, it doesn’t mean every other country has beaten the virus as well. That being the case, you can count on airport screenings becoming the norm for years to come.

Some Safety Measures Will Remain Normalized

Masks in the airport, masks in public places, hand sanitizer at the entrance of every attraction – some safety measures may be here to stay (at least for a while). You can also expect there to be a greater stigma around being in public while sick, even if it’s the common cold. It has always been best practice for travelers to have a courteous and considerate outlook while abroad; that will be doubly important post-COVID.

To summarize, while travel may be permitted sometime in 2021, don’t expect a full return to normalcy. If you want to get away this summer, your best bet is to pack a couple of tents in the bed of a Ford F-150 and explore your own region. If you do plan to fly internationally, just be aware that things have changed, and you should adjust your actions to reflect that.

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