How Do Cities Maintain Public Parks?

Public parks are great. Whether you want to have a picnic or take the kids to play on the swingset, public parks are great for both kids and adults. Even your furry little friend. Parks are only enjoyable if they are well maintained. If a park is let go and not taken care of, it will just become a vacant eyesore.

There are many undertakings to maintaining a park. Some cities even invest in park maintenance software to help them maintain parks, especially if they have multiple with different features amongst all of them.

Some ways a park should be maintained are common across all parks, but some aren’t. Let’s digest some of them.

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Cutting The Grass

This is the most common maintenance item across all parks. The grass needs to be cut weekly to maintain a safe environment. High grass can bring unwanted creatures and insects like snakes and ticks.

Aside from that, families won’t be able to lay out a blanket and have a picnic if the grass is high. The park will be univiting and will become a ghost town. Ensuring that the grass is cut weekly is a necessity.

Getting Rid Of The Trash

This is as important as cutting the grass. Trash build up can also bring unwanted insects, but also dangerous animals. The worst part, it will stink. No one wants to hang out in a park that smells bad.

That is just talking about trash build up in the cans. Some people aren’t as respectful and leave trash within the park. It’s terrible, but the park maintenance should ensure that the left out trash is also disposed of. The park should be checked on every couple days in order to maintain the trash.

Inspecting Play Equipment

This is very important, but can often be overlooked. No one wants to see a child get hurt, and a municipality shouldn’t want to see itself get sued. While maintenance is there checking the trash, they should also briefly look over the play equipment.

They should be looking for any loose nuts and bolts, cuts in chains or ropes, but also unwanted critters. Yes, in the heat, critters can try to find shade within play equipment. It’s in the city’s best interest to go this extra mile. It will protect their residents and visitors, but will also save them a headache in the long run.

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