How To Improve Memory – A Quick Guide

Since childhood, many have envied people with good memory. It is not surprising because studying at school and university is much easier for them, and there is an opportunity to move up the career ladder faster. However, we can work out a little instead of just being jealous. How to improve memory? Today, many techniques allow you to achieve good results in a short period. You can choose the most suitable option for yourself and start training.

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Simple Tips How To Train Your Memory

How to improve short-term memory? Short-term memory allows you to solve many problems and increase office workers’ productivity. If you want to improve it, it is not enough to choose one workout and blindly follow it. It’s always best to take a holistic approach to problem-solving.

So, a set of measures to improve memorization may include:

  • Using the memory game app;
  • Read more and learn poetry by heart;
  • Great walks in beautiful places;
  • Correct your diet;
  • Perform workouts other than those offered by the mobile app.

If you want to get a structured memory, these aspects should be discussed separately.

Memory Game App

Today, many mobile applications promise to improve your memory. MemoryOS deserves special attention. This memory game app was developed from workouts created by two-time memory champion Jonas von Essen. He is a living example of this very effective technique, which he has repeatedly proved in his public speeches.

This memory app has the following benefits:

  • Joyful learning;
  • Helps build ample storage;
  • Improves instant recall;
  • It helps to master the moose method and much more.

Studies have shown that memoryOS helps achieve good results for people of different ages, professions, and education.

Read More

How to improve your memory? Reading has a positive effect on brain function, enhances memorizing information, and forms abstract thinking. Make sure that the books you choose are versatile and will like them. It would be best to get maximum pleasure, and then the effect will be noticeable faster.

Even in childhood, we were forced to learn poetry or passages of prose by heart. This way to improve memory has been practiced since ancient times, and no one can argue its effectiveness. Try to memorize a small poem at least once a week, and you will notice how your memory will improve.

More Walks In Beautiful Places

Studies have shown that visiting beautiful places positively affects our brain function. When a person travels and enjoys beautiful places, happiness is produced in the body. The same area of ​​​​the brain responsible for memorization begins to work actively.

In addition, before going to bed, you can try to imagine in the smallest detail the places you visited during the day, which will also be helpful. How to improve short-term memory? Just travel more and spend more time outdoors.

Correct Your Diet

How to improve memory? Enter into your diet foods that stimulate the brain and remove those that, on the contrary, disrupt metabolic processes. So, for example, researchers advise introducing into the diet:

  • Redfish;
  • Turmeric;
  • Coffee;
  • Dark chocolate;
  • Lentils;
  • Nuts and seeds.

The above products have the necessary amount of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to stimulate the brain, positively affecting memory.

Do Small Workouts

Not sure how to improve your memory? If you want to achieve faster results, then you can perform additional simple workouts, such as:

  • Remember the number of cars that pass by;
  • Solve crossword puzzles;
  • Solve puzzles;
  • Try to name all the states in the US (or subdivisions in your country) and much more.

However, in no case should you overdo it with training. They should take place when you are relaxed, not busy with daily activities. By overloading your brain, you can only slow down the process.


If you want to know how to improve memory? You need to choose the method that suits you, considering your memory level before training and personal preferences. Typically, training takes no more than 30 minutes a day, and the result becomes noticeable after a few weeks.

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