How To Keep Your Pet’s Coat Healthy During Winter

The winter season is a harsh period for your dog’s fur. Extra nurturing is needed during this period to make sure that your dog doesn’t get sick. His or her fur acts as a protector from the cold weather meaning it needs to be in quality form. Let’s look at different ways that you can keep your pet’s coat healthy during winter.

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1. Brush Regularly

Brushing your dog’s fur during the winter is one of the ways that you can keep its coat healthy. Brushing helps to rid of the moist, snow, or rain that he or she may have been exposed to outdoors for instance. If you neglect to brush your dog’s coat after having been in the harsh weather, the coat may become brittle.

Also, your dog will feel cold if the moist is trapped within the coat and may eventually get sick. Make sure to invest in quality brushes that won’t tear away at the coat that may be moist. picks these top rated brushes for goldendoodles that you can choose from for your dog’s best possible coat health.

2. Wash Often

Washing your dog’s fur is how you get rid of any lodged particles such as mud. When your dog’s coat is dirty, it may not provide the natural warmth that it should because of the foreign particles. Consider washing your dog in lukewarm water considering the temperatures will be low. Make sure that the water is not too hot for your dog as he or she may get burnt and later resist bathing. You can test the water’s temperature by dipping your elbow in the dog bath.

3. Use The Right Shampoo

You need to make sure that you are using the right shampoo when you bath your dog. Certain shampoos may cause your dog’s fur to thin out or shed, leaving your dog exposed to the cold. It’s advised to use natural-based shampoos as chemicals may cause such reactions. Make sure to monitor the way your dog responds to any type of shampoo that you use. If you notice any reactions and negative responses, immediately change shampoos.

4. Use An Absorber Towel

A towel that helps your dog dry quickly may also help to keep the coat healthy. The longer your dog’s coat remains wet, the higher the risk of it tangling. Once your dog’s coat is tangled you may have to detangle which causes breakage. Blow drying your dog after a bath is also an option however some dogs tend to resist the drying heat. Using a towel may be less of a struggle compared to blow-drying.

5. Moisturize The Coat

Moisturizing your dog’s coat with protective oils may keep it strong and prevents shedding. Natural based oils such as coconut oil contain protective protein-based properties that may encourage the growth of healthy fur and replace dead fur. Chemical-based moisturizers may however cause a reaction.

6. Invest In A Dog Coat

A quality dog coat may help to facilitate the health of your dog’s coat. The coat shields your dog from the direct cold breeze. It also protects your dog from getting wet if he or she gets into puddles. The coat also doesn’t get dirty when in water and mud. Make sure to measure your dog before you buy a coat as he or she needs to feel comfortable. A coat that is too small may constrict breathing and one that is too big might not keep the coat fully cover meaning your dog won’t be protected.

7. Provide Nutrition

The nutrition that your dog takes indirectly affects the quality of its coat. You should give your dog food that is rich in omega six and three fatty acids. This helps to keep the coat shiny and smooth. You can give your dog fish oil supplements for instance, or add salmon and tuna into his or her diet. You can also treat your dog to sticks that are made from protein products as this contributes to the general wellness of your dog.

8. Talk To Your Vet

Your vet will give you pointers as to how to protect your dog’s coat during the winter. This information is based on your dog’s medical history and breed. Your dog may have unique conditions that then need special attention during the winter season. Schedule an appointment with your vet for more guidance regarding fur health for your specific breed.


You can keep your dog’s fur healthy by trying different methods. Some of these include regular brushing and washing your dog’s coat. Make sure to use the right shampoo and moisturizing oils. Use an absorber towel to help your dog dry faster. Moisturise the coat, invest in a dog coat, provide the nutrition that your dog needs, and schedule an appointment with your vet.

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