How Marijuana Affects A Spider’s Ability To Spin A Web

Before I tell you about a cruel experiment done with spiders, I want you to know that I don’t condone this or any cruelty to animals, even if they are pesky spiders.

Many years ago, NASA performed an experiment where they wanted to test the effects of certain drugs on the behavior of living things. Since spiders are so fabulously able to spin mind-blowing webs, they were chosen to be the “guinea pigs” so to speak. That way, the researchers would be able to determine if the drugs had any effect on their ability to make their webs.

The spiders were drugged up with marijuana, caffeine, Benzedrine and Chloral Hydrate. Then, they were set free to make their webs. Obviously, the results of the drugs showed in the webs themselves. According to Treehugger, the drugs affected the spiders in different ways. For example, marijuana affected their concentration, as evidenced by that web being unfinished. Caffeine pretty much just made the spider crazy and the web is all unorganized and disrupted. Benzedrine, a stimulant, gave the spider a lot of excitement and energy, as seen in that very busy web. Chloral Hydrate, a sedative, caused the spider to fall asleep before finishing his web.

French designer Guillaume Lehoux’s new project is called SOD (Spiders on Drugs). He designed these bowls to resemble the drugged spiders’ webs. These bowls he’s created are very interesting. Even more interesting is this spider story, which was his inspiration.

Normal Web

Marijuana Web

Caffeine Web

Benzedrine Web

Chloral Hydrate

All Together

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