This Is How Much Time We Have Left In Life [Infographic]

Richard wrote an article a few months ago about how not to waste your life, and this reminds me a little of that. We often write articles about being entrepreneurs, and what it takes to develop the thick skin, dedication and commitment to see your ideas and dreams through until the end. One of the hardest parts of the whole process though is just getting started. Once you find out how much time we have left in our lives, you might feel a sense of urgency.

According to this infographic called Countdown Of Life: How Much Time Do You Have Left by Exec, you might have less time than you realize. If you were to live an average lifetime, which currently is 78 years, you apparently only really have 9 years and 6 months to spend pursuing your passion (or falling in love, being with family, etc.). According to their research, which was completed using labor statistics in the United States, we don’t have much time.

However, they do point out that this does not account for any time spent multitasking…but still. When you start to think about how much time we have left to do everything on our bucket lists plus change the world with our ideas, it’s not much.

Of course, depending on your lifestyle and where you live, these numbers could be different. I hardly sleep, so I know I won’t spend half my life in bed. Plus, I live in Atlanta – in the city. That means I’ll end up spending way more than a year in traffic. So how much time we have left, or you specifically, could be a bit different. However, that’s not the point, right? The point is…get going on pursuing your passions and making your dreams come true. Every moment you waste is gone forever. Time is your most valuable asset.

This Is How Much Time We Have Left In Life

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Via: [Design Taxi] Header Image Credit: [Business Insider]