How Often Should I Wash My Dog’s Bed?

You wash and change your bed sheets regularly for hygiene purposes, but how often do you do it with your dog’s bed? – Dogs are always in contact with dirty surfaces. You walk them on the streets, go for a dump, they play in the mud, or eat messily. With these activities, your dog certainly carries an invisible bunch of germs everywhere he goes, and that includes his bed.

Although you do not sleep on your dog’s bed, you are a secondhand contact. Your fur baby’s bed is one of the germiest areas in your house. Also, it is possible that their bed can be the breeding ground of germs and bacteria that may harm you and your family.

Keep yourself clean and safe by washing your dog’s bed. But, how frequently should you wash it? Cleaning and washing your dog’s bed does not have to be a daunting household chore. You can easily do it.

But before you start washing, make sure you have a washable dog bed. Not all dog beds are washable. Some aren’t made from materials that can stand the test of time or the washing.

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How Frequent Should I Wash My Dog’s Bed?

You have to wash your dog’s bed routinely to keep them fresh and clean. – If you wonder how you should regularly wash it, it depends on how much dirt your dog brings in the house, how bad it sheds, or if your fur baby has a health problem that requires cleanliness at all times. Generally, you can wash your dog’s bed twice a month or every few weeks depending on its dirt.

However, if your dog loves to play in mud puddles or spends a lot of time outdoors, you have to wash their bed more often than the regular. It is best to have an extra bed for your dogs to rotate them when you need to clean their bed every few days or weeks.

Since your dog’s dirty bed can negatively affect you and your household’s health, you have to wash it regularly and properly.

How To Wash A Dog Bed

Now you have an idea how frequent you should wash your dog’s bed– once a week or once every two weeks. Do you know how to wash it thoroughly? – If you are worried about how you should clean your dog’s bed, it is the same as washing your clothes– check the wash label indicated. The wash label depends on the type of fill the bed contains or if it has a removable cover.

All cushion covers and blankets on your dog’s bed should be washed. You need to wash it at a water temperature of 60-degree Celsius or 140-degree Fahrenheit. If the fabric can withstand bleach, you may combine it with the laundry detergent.

If your washing machine does not allow you to manually set the temperature, choose the highest setting to kill the bacteria or eliminate the germs.

Be cautious when washing your dog’s blanket and bed, your dog might have sensitive skin. If so, use organic and safe detergent and always rinse twice. If you have a dryer, use the warmest temperature possible. Moreover, you need to be cautious when using your dryer because of the matting. They might clump inside the dryer and damage your machine.

However, if you do not have a washer and dryer at home, or you do not have time to wash your dog’s bed, you may bring it to the nearest laundry service provider.

They know how to properly wash your fur baby’s belongings. You may bring it with your laundry– don’t worry! They will wash it separately. What’s nice is they are experts on this, they have the right cleaning equipment to wash your dog’s bed properly.

How To Clean My Dog’s Bed Faster?

Sad to break the news– there’s no faster way to clean your dog’s bed. You have to do it thoroughly. If you want to vacuum it, you may, it can minimize dirt and fur sheds on the dog’s bed. However, it is not enough to remove the bacteria on it.

You can only properly wash your dog’s bed if you do it thoroughly and regularly. Experts suggest vacuuming their beds to remove hair in between wash days to lessen the allergens around the household.

It is important to wash your dog’s bed regularly and do it more often depending on his activities. You do not want yourself and your family to be exposed to germs and bacteria, especially in the midst of a pandemic.

When you decide to wash your dog’s bed at home, thoroughly clean your hands with soap and water. Always decrease the risk of getting any bacteria.

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