How To Prepare Your Home Office To Boost Productivity

As the dog days of summer roll past and fall is just around the corner, we have to start thinking about settling into newer routines like – changing up some things in your home office to improve productivity.

You know whether you’re a telecommuter or freelance writer, working from home can be a struggle. Yes, it does save you a couple of bucks with gas and meals, you’ve got the comfort of working in your pajamas (okay, try to avoid this one), and other positive elements, but without certain things, in play you can struggle with meeting deadlines, among other things.

So how can you make your home office the most productive space it can be? – Well, according to ByPurify, efforts to declutter, purchasing a reliable air purifier, and personalizing your space can go a long way toward boosting your productivity and even reduce your stress levels.

That said, here are some straightforward tips you should implement to make your home office more Zen and help you get those dollar bills.

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Tap Into Your Most Productive Self With These Simple Tips

Working from home can be both a blessing and a curse.

The possibility of running into distractions is on an extreme high. From your dog barking around wanting to head out, the laundry that needs to be done, your kids and spouse not grasping the concept that working from home means you’re still working, it becomes a battle between getting things done and trying to fend off these interruptions.

Well, you can avoid all this melodrama and turn your home office into a space of blossoming productivity with these tips:

1. Declutter Ruthlessly And Often

Items have a habit of collecting in most people’s home offices… all kinds of stuff especially if you have kids. Therefore, you need to make a habit of purging your office of paper piles, coffee mugs, knick-knacks, and whatever else might take up your space. For your convenience, it would be better to have a dumpster at EWM Dumpster Rental located outside your home office so whenever there’s trash to deal with, now there’s a place to dump it.

Also, resist the urge to see the office as a storage space. You can’t get that thesis paper done and have your work-from-home groove on with a clear, focused mindset when you’re surrounded by junk.

Purge out that clutter, and you’ll see the difference!

2. Personalize Your Space

If you want to feel your most comfortable, you need to bring in things that’ll make you want to spend more time in your home office. Get yourself a large desk and a sturdy comfortable office chair. If you also love spending time reading or researching then invest in a comfortable armchair.

You can also hang up some inspiring art and decorations that speak to your style.  Once you have space you adore you’ll be able to put it to good use.

3.  Some Greenery Goes A Long Way

A green office equals a productive office. In fact, as per some studies were done in Harvard, shows that working in a green-certified office has a 26% boost in cognitive functions, 30% decrease in sicknesses, and a 6% rise in sleep quality.

Plants also act as a great visual distraction, something to look at when your eyes need a break from the screen or your brain needs a breather.

What’s more, you don’t need a green thumb to reap the benefits of having some workspace plants. You have to look for a resilient variety that can survive indoors, possibly some native plants, or a cactus.

4. Invest In An Air Purifier

It doesn’t matter if you work in a cubicle or some bright corner office or the comfort of your very own home office. Air gets contaminated quite often, and this can have a massive impact on your focus and overall productivity.

Thus most health organizations recommend you having a reliable air purifying system to help curb these issues. You can have an allergy-curbing, ionic, or  HEPA air purifier to suck up all the dirt, mold, or even pollen.

05 Keeps Distractions Close

It might seem like one of the most counter-intuitive things to do, but you’ll find that having some occasional brain-break can keep you more focused long-term. It could be anything you consider a treat, like your favorite book, a musical instrument, or even the daily crossword.

Keep it close by but out of sight. You can tuck it away in a drawer or a bin with a lid. You want the distraction to be easy-to-reach but not too close to have you fall into constant temptation.

Your home office setup alone won’t have you tap into your productive self. However, combining these tips with a dedicated effort to develop more productive habits, then you’ll find that you can get more out of the time you spend working, making it much stress-free to accomplish everything on your to-do list.

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