How To Throw A Virtual Surprise Birthday Party

Celebrating a birthday has its restrictions since COVID-19 has spread around the world. You can’t entertain guests at home so you have to be a little creative on how to celebrate a birthday in this lockdown. But your best friend’s birthday is coming up and you want to do something fun. The answer to your problem is here: a virtual birthday party! This way, no one needs to leave their house and you still have a great time. In need of some good ideas? Great, we’ll guide you to make sure you’ll succeed.

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1. Pick A Platform

Which platform can be best used for your surprise party idea? Each platform has their pros and cons. You can choose between multiple platforms like Google Hangout, Zoom or Skype.

2. Make A Guest List

You’re going to need some more people to pull this off. Ask family and friends who you think would want to attend and build your guestlist from there. From here you can decide if it is going to be a big virtual party with friends and family, or just a smaller party with friends.

3. Pick A Theme

Pick a theme that the birthday girl/boy will enjoy, after all it’s their party.. Has he/she for instance been binge watching Grey’s Anatomy lately? Then you can make everyone dress up as a doctor or nurse. This is of course if every attendee has an outfit like that already or has the means to get one. If not, you can choose a colour scheme or something else!

4. Send Invites And Party Gear

Send everyone who’ll be attending the party an invitation by sending a party box. What you put in this party box is entirely up to you. Think about candy, confetti, balloons (translated to Dutch: ballonnen) or other party decorations (translated to Dutch: feestversiering), which they can use as background decorations during the virtual party.

Create a personal party box for the birthday girl/boy, with special cards from everyone and maybe even a cake. Does one of your friends live close to the birthday boy/girl? Let them deliver the box to their doorstep and record their reaction.

5. Photo Presentation

Ask all the attendees if they can send pictures of the birthday boy/girl and make a PowerPoint presentation/ slide show. Show the slide show during the whole virtual party. These can vary from childhood pictures to embarrassing drunk pictures.

6. Pubquiz About The Birthday Girl/boy

When it’s someone’s birthday, they’re the man/woman of the hour. Everything is about them. Seeing all the people in the ZOOM or Skype meeting would probably be a surprise of itself. To even surprise the birthday boy or girl even more, create a pub quiz purely about them. Ask everyone to send in questions regarding the birthday girl/boy. These questions can be about everything, from childhood to holidays.

With these tips, your friend will have the best virtual birthday party they could ever wish for.

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