How To: Develop A Super Memory!

As we get older, we often find that our memory isn’t as sharp as it was when we were younger. Some people say it is the first thing that goes as we age. Don’t you just hate it when you are with a friend, and you can’t introduce your friend to someone you meet on the street because you can’t remember the person’s name? Or, you feel bad because you forgot it was your mom or sister’s birthday? Or worse yet, you forgot it was your anniversary!

I found a video where Tony Buzan is interviewed. According to him, we all posses a super memory. We just need to know how to use it in its full potential. He mentions three steps that we must do: Step 1: Analyze the problems we have with our memory. Step 2: Use associations to help us remember things. Step 3: Use images to help us remember. I have included the video here, and I hope it is helpful! Having a super memory can really improve our quality of life both personally and professionally.

Tony Buzan is a leading expert on the brain and learning. He is the founder of the World Memory Championships. In this film, he talks about overcoming the common problems that people have with memory, and using your memory power to its full potential.

How To Develop A Super Memory

Image Credit: [monbibi/Shutterstock]