How To: Eat An Apple Like A Boss [Video]

Throughout the years, one bizarre thing I’ve learned is that I’ve been eating some foods the wrong way my entire life. I mean, eating some things a certain way is obvious. For example, you would never think of eating an Oreo without separating the two parts, right? Duh. And you would never actually wait for a piece of hot pizza to cool before taking a bite, that would be silly. I suppose I never really knew how to eat an apple correctly either, until I saw this video today.

Not only is this a genius way to eat an apple, but it seems to defy all logic. Most people, including me, have always eaten an apple from the sides. We chomp down to the core, and then toss the rest away. By eating an apple this way, the core doesn’t even exist. How can that be? How can the laws of fruit physics not apply when you change the way you eat an apple? I have no idea, and once again I’m baffled.

The person who gets credit for this brilliant apple hack is Geoff at Foodbeast. I have so many questions about this. How did he make this discovery? Who knowingly defies all apple logic and actually eats the apple’s core? I have to admit, it sounds gross, but after watching this video, I’m determined to give it a shot. It’s almost seems rebellious to eat an apple like this.

Watch this video and learn how to eat an apple like a boss. Then next time you are with a group of friends, casually start eating one like this. You’ll definitely up your street cred by demonstrating this little trick. Great discovery Geoff! You can learn more food-eating wisdom by learning how to correctly eat a cupcake and how to correctly eat a chicken wing. These are important things to know.

How To: Eat An Apple Without Wasting Any Of It



Via: [Laughing Squid]