How To: Get up, Eat Breakfast and Be Ready For Work in 5 mins!

The hardest thing to do is getting up in the morning and try to rush for work.  There is a certain ritual each of us go through.  Wake up, fix your bed, cook breakfast, have your coffee, take a bath, get dressed and then leave for work.

It takes me around 11/2 hours to finish my ritual and for others I know takes a much longer time.  Specially if you have kids that you need to take care of and get ready for school before you can actually have the time for yourself.

Found this very funny and amusing video that I hope will cheer you up, and who knows you might even get a pointer or two from the Japanese guy who participated in this television show on how fast can you get up, eat breakfast and get ready for work in 5 minutes. Yes, you read it right 5 minutes.  Watch and see how he does it.  The language of the video is in Japanese.