How To Live A Creative Life [Infographic]

Do you live a creative life? Do you want to live a more creative life? There are many people in the world who are not tapped into the creative aspect of their lives, and they aren’t really interested in it. And then – there is everyone else. I love being creative, and when I am inspired from within to work on something, nothing can get in my way. I hyper-focus on it until the job is done. How about you? You may be able to relate to that feeling. To me, living a creative life is a privilege, and I’m thankful for it each day.

You don’t have to be born with creativity in your heart to live a creative life. Anyone can tap into that sense of creativity by simply opening up to it. In our own minds, we can go on a never-ending adventure while believing we have no limits, and when you figure out that anything is possible, the unexpected happens. I started wondering if creative people have different daily habits compared to those people who don’t consider themselves to be creative. If someone were to ask you what the number one habit is that you have which enhances your own creativity, what would you say?

I found an article this morning called The Habits of Creative People which pretty much sums up the two habits I have which I think allow me to express my own creativity. First of all, I work alone a lot. Secondly, I work very closely with creative people. Those two things sound contradictory, but they really aren’t. I work alone, on my laptop, in a coffee shop or the library several days a week. By working alone, I can focus the way I want without a lot of distractions. I can hear myself think so to speak. However, at the same time, I work very closely with Richard (another writer here on Bit Rebels). He is the most creative person I know, and without my close working relationship with him, I wouldn’t be able to expand many of my ideas. We brainstorm together every week, and something good always comes out of it. So, for me, it takes both. Working alone and working in collaboration with someone who inspires me to reach for more (more ideas, more energy, more focus and more creativity). What works for you?

If found this cheeky infographic called How To Lead A Creative Life which comes from an old issue of Fast Company (see the magazine below). It’s full of fun things that creative people might do during the day. The reason I like this so much is because it screams one message to me…Don’t take yourself so seriously. Like this infographic points out, if we can daydream about being superman, attempt a Vulcan mind meld and even sit at Starbucks all day and work, we are going to be just fine.

Live A Creative Life

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Via: [Fast Company] Image Credits: [Paige Mills Blog] [Peter Durand] [Design Lov]