How To: Read The Signals Your Pet Cat Makes!

Everyone who reads my articles or my tweets knows that I love cats. We have 20+ of them at home. We treat them like members of our family. Having pets is important to us. They bring so much joy. Did you know that if you are stressed, they can actually help lower your blood pressure and make you calm?

Not everyone likes cats, and I am not telling you to get one. If you are a new pet owner, I just think it’s good to also know how to treat them so we don’t spook them or panic if one suddenly attacks us. This article is just a guideline to help you to enjoy your times together with your cat. I am not a cat expert, most of the advice here is from years and years of caring for our feline friends, or should I say, family. I hope it helps!

1. They sleep most of the time and are generally peaceful – Cats generally sleep a lot and are quiet, except when they are hungry, want to play, or when they are in heat. All of our cats are neutered and spayed. Not only is this healthier for them in the long run, it also makes them mellow. Male cats meow their head off when they want to mate. Feed them well and make sure that you take them to the vet when you see that something is different in terms of their behavior. Sometimes they act differently because something is wrong with them physically.

2. They usually expose their tummies as a signal that they trust you – Most cats do not expose their tummies to their humans. However, when you see them lay on their backs, and when they even let you touch their bellies, it means that they trust you with their life. Gummy bear is like that with most of our kitties. He is one mean cat, but I love him to pieces.

3. They are possessive by nature – When you see them taking over your stuff, like in this picture you see Milkshake on my computer, just know it is their way of saying, “Hey, it’s play time.” They love attention, maybe not as much as dogs do, but there will be times when they will want you to pet them or play with them. Some cats get very jealous too, especially if there is a new cat in the house, so make sure that you treat them as equally as you can. The benefit is the unconditional love that they will definitely show you.

Cats are very independent creatures. They are also unpredictable. We just need to make sure we know our pet’s behavior and treat them with respect. They are generally peaceful, as I mentioned earlier, but they can get easily spooked too. They have temperaments just like us. They can be very cuddly and really sweet too!

Here is a video of a cat who attacked a reporter years back. You will see that the cat is already agitated at this stage. Cats will not attack you unless they are provoked by a person or their environment.