How To: Recycle & Reuse Items For Your Garden

We are big fans of reusing and recycling at Bit Rebels. The whole concept of giving a second life to something that might have before been considered trash is becoming more and more popular. Several years ago when well known artists started making things with trash, their creations usually looked kind of homemade and amateur.

However, wow have times changed because the creations being made from trash are now extravagant and extraordinary! We’ve written about it too many times to list them all here. Let’s just take a cardboard toilet paper roll for example. Here are three posts written about some incredible second hand uses for those little rolls we normally throw away: The Magical World Of Paper Rolls, Toilet Paper Roll Faces, and the Toilet Paper Roll Memo Pad.

Have you ever thought about reusing household items outside your home, like in your garden? One of my favorite artists over at Wonder How To, Yumi Sakugawa, created this cute little infographic which illustrates how we can use 6 common household items in our garden. Guess what? Once again… Those cardboard toilet paper rolls are on the list. Those little suckers are quite a valuable resource, aren’t they?

Reuse Items To Grow Flowers