How To Throw The Ultimate College Party

Young people are known to be drawn to parties. Being drawn to parties and making money from parties is different. The idea of the ultimate college party promoter is to develop a profitable business venture focused on developing and hosting college parties. When executed correctly, marketing will be based on word-of-mouth and social media.

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What To Keep In Mind

When hosting a party legally, consider aspects such as facilities, security, alcohol permits (when appropriate), permits for food, health and safety plans, and ticketing, among other factors. Practically all events will require permits. The easiest method is to avoid this altogether and use a venue that already has permission from the local government and has access to the infrastructure required.

If the person hosting the party has a good reputation with a bar or nightclub, then this becomes rather simple, as such venues will not have a problem hiring a local promoter that can fill up their business with paying patrons. If the venue is relatively barebones, they could consider creating a theme for the night and sprucing up the decorations with laser lights and a fog machine. People love party favors so giving out light up glasses and glow sticks could make for a lively gathering.  

New promoters may have not yet built such a reputation and it can be more difficult to secure a venue and date. These companies face an uphill battle but they should not be discouraged by a lack of experience. Countless organizations start in a similar manner. New businesses can look for clubs that are also starting out. Promoters can create opportunity by seeking partner venues that are having difficulty generating revenue and may be actively seeking to attract the college crowd.

Party hosts also need to have negotiation skills as this skill will come in handy when discussing a percentage of cover charges or consumption. It is of vital importance that these new promoters keep their word by delivering on the expectations set. Additionally, new promoters need to dress appropriately. It is one thing to wear a t-shirt and jeans while partying; however, running a business is different. Promoters should ensure that the attire is appropriate so that other business owners take them seriously.

The Knick Knacks That Make The Difference

It is important to be different. Anyone can play great music, have access to incredible sound equipment, and serve excellent drinks. If using local venues, such locations will have access to the same types of equipment. The idea is to make the event unforgettable in different ways and that people talk about the promoter and the event specifically. Strive so that the results produce word-of-mouth in such a positive way that no marketing is ever required.

Go beyond what is expected, and get creative. The creativity angle is what sets businesses apart from other hosts and promoters. Focus on a theme, and generate an event ideal for the said theme. Make sure that party-goers leave with something to remind them of that night. This way, the event is memorable. Carnival games and amusement rides can make all the difference for a special evening and there are companies like Fun Crew USA in Florida that provides rentals for college events. You could go as far as renting mechanical bulls and having a mud wrestling competition. These types of events are creative and different; therefore, they stand out.

College Party – Final Thoughts

Hosting parties and promoting venues is one of the most enjoyable and profitable ventures that any promoter can be a part of. As with any type of business, the more prepared that someone is and the more that attention is paid to small details, the more successful the business will be. Even though the outcome may be a crazy party that is talked about for years, businesses should be talking about the promoter as a serious and dependable person that produces profitable results.

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