How To Travel Cheap From the US To Australia

With the pandemic crisis finally starting to die down gradually, it is time to bring back your wanderlust self back in the travel game. Isn’t it? Do you wish to plan your dream vacation to the beautiful land of Australia but have limited funds? Well, don’t worry anymore! We are here for your rescue and have already made a list of certain factors that will help you know how to travel cheap from the US to Australia. Yes, you heard that right. It is not an impossible task. Continue reading to know more.

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1. Search For The Perfect Discounted Ticket

When talking about traveling to Australia, one of the major expenses of the trip is the airfare to get there. As you go ahead to book your ticket, make sure to do your homework and research properly first. Go through a variety of leading airline websites and search for bargains. Shortlist a few of the most discounted ones from the long list of tickets available and then compare them. Another tip for saving up on airfare is to sign up for fare alerts from the websites.

This way you will be notified every time the ticket prices frip. If you have several complex traveling needs, then make sure that you cross-check with your travel agent to ensure that you are getting the best deal.

Tip: Some of the top websites you can explore to bag maximum savings on airfare in the Australia trip are Expedia, Amtrak, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Priceline, and more. If you explore Expedia currently, you can grab as much as 70% discount on flight tickets. Additionally, if you are a student, you can enjoy extra discounts up to 10% off on bookings with Etihad Airways too.

2. Time Your Holiday Package

As a travel junkie, it would be no secret for you that airfare soares during the peak holiday season. So, if you wish to save extra bucks on your flight tickets, another unsaid hack for you is to plan your Australia vacation carefully. Typically, the airfare is most expensive in between the months of December and February, during which Australia witnesses the summer season.

This is also the season which is considered the best time by many tourists to visit popular places like Sydney, Melbourne, and so on in Australia. So, first, check out your priorities. What do you want more- saving money or exploring Australia during peak season? If you wish to travel cheaply from the US to Australia, then it is recommended that you book your flight during the shoulder seasons which are spring, fall, or in winter season.

Tip: Consider booking a flight holiday package to save more. Leading brands like Expedia, Emirates, Airbnb, and more offer excellent holiday packages that include round-trip airfare to Australia along with several domestic flights within the country. Prices may vary depending on the time of your travel and how far you are planning to fly in Australia.

3. Divide And Conquer

Traveling after long, that too to a destination as beautiful as Australia, it is naturally tempting for you to want to explore the entire place. However, when traveling on a limited budget, one thing that you need to remember is that you don’t have to cover it all. Australia is one enormous place, nearly the size of the continental U.S. Hence, when you can’t expect to see the entire U.S. in a few days, don’t get your hopes too high for Australia either.

Instead, follow the unsaid rule of divide and conquer. Fix your sights on one or two main regions and make it a point to explore them thoroughly. This way it not only will be lighter on your budget but will also be a more relaxing experience. You will get to save both time and money enormously on transportation as well. Thus the key to travel cheap from the US to Australia is by not giving in to the temptations.

Tip: If your main aim of travelling to Australia is to explore as many destinations as possible, then go in for a cruise. It is one of the most cost-effective and convenient ways to see a variety of destinations without going through the extra expense of travelling and unpacking. Australia offers plenty of cruises that cost less than $100 per person per night. These prices include accommodation, entertainment, transportation, and even meals. You will be pleased to know that Expedia is offering up to 70% rebate on cruise booking at the moment. Enjoy!

4. Opt For A Budget-Friendly Lodging

Apart from the airfare, another major expense that you will face in your trip from the US to Australia will be on accommodation. Hence, it is obvious that you have to be very wise on how you decide to spend this amount of money. If you will be staying indoors or are traveling with family, then instead of staying in lavish hotels, you can consider a home, farmstay or a vacation rental.

Staying in a family home or farmstay proves to be a wonderful way to interact with the locals, get to know more about the culture, traditions, and more of Australia. Another budget-friendly alternative for you is to stay in a vacation rental. This is a great option for those traveling in large groups.

It offers you more space than a hotel room at a far more affordable price. You even get to cook your own meals in the kitchen, thereby saving on the bucks spent on eating out. You can easily find a wide range of affordable options for lodging at huge discounts up to 65% off on sites like Airbnb, Expedia,, and more.

Tip: If you are a solo traveler or if you will be spending most of your time on the streets exploring, then you can also look into hostels. Many Australian hostels offer private rooms and bathrooms. So, if you don’t mind basic accommodations, then hostels are a cheap and comfortable option.

5. Be A Smart Tourist

Like any other vacation destination, Australia is a home to a plethora of exciting tourist destinations. As a traveler, it is only natural for you to visit as many sightseeing destinations as possible. However, it is at this point that you use this hack. Instead of visiting just any tourist spot, look for freebies.

Yes, you heard that right! Australia has a wealth of sightseeing attractions and museums that don’t charge any admission fees or entry charges. Some of the top names of this list of free sights include Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Brisbane Botanic Gardens, and many more. Hence, if you have restricted funds and want to travel cheap from the US to Australia, this is your queue to save more.

Tip: If you wish to visit places other than the free ones, then you can also consider buying a discount card. Yes, in order to promote budget-friendly tourism, Australia offers a discount card facility which waives off the entry fee to many major tourist spots and provides special discounts as well as saving opportunities. You can purchase an iVenture card for popular tourist attractions in Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania, and more. Discount cards are perfect for all those smart tourists, who wish to go as much sightseeing as possible in a cost-effective way.

We know that after being locked up in your houses for a long time, now you are just waiting to get out, breathe the fresh air and enjoy the sweet wanderlust taste. However, make sure that you don’t let your emotions and fantasies sway you away in planning an impractical trip. Go through these pointers on how to travel cheap from the US to Australia and have a fun as well as a cost-effective trip. Don’t forget to bag maximum savings up to 70% on your bookings from sites like Expedia, Airbnb, Emirates, Priceline, and more. Happy traveling!

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