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There are a lot of things you think about when writing your first resume; above all, how do I draft one properly? Each country has its own way of drafting resumes. For example, the Korean resume format is different from English resumes used in the United States and the United Kingdom. In particular, there are several notable differences in the structure of the resume. So I strongly recommend that you first look at the format before checking your words and sentences.

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What Is A CV?

Native speakers call their resume either a “Resume” or a “CV”. Many of you may have heard “Resume”, but some people may be confused about what “CV” means, so I will explain. CV stands for Curriculum Vitae (Latin for the course of one’s life), which refers to the career or activities that I have had in my life so far.

It has the same meaning as a Resume, so there is no need to fuss over it too much. However, if there is a difference, it is one of format. Usually, a Resume is a document that is mainly about work experience and is about one page in length. A CV, on the other hand, goes into more detail about one’s academic background and experiences.

If So, Should I Submit A Cover Letter As Well?

In Korea, resumes and cover letters are often sent together, but companies that ask for resumes in English often do not treat them as a set. If you are asked to submit a CV without mentioning a personal introduction, you can compress your personal information and resume into 1 or 2 sheets of A4 paper.

Is There A Standard Writing Method?

When writing a Resume in English, there are some implicit rules that must be followed. This is for the sake of readers, so it is best to follow them. First, note the font, font size, and alignment. It is common to use Times New Roman, font size 12pt, and I prefer to use left alignment rather than center alignment. Also, remember that italics and bold should be used only when absolutely necessary, and capital letters should be used at the beginning of sentences, names, companies, and positions!

What Should Be Included?

If you read the part about the format, it’s time we talked about the content. First is the introduction. In the English resume, the applicant’s name and contact information are written in the introduction. (Contact number, e-mail, etc.) Usually, in Korean resumes, the date of birth, home address, family relationships, etc., are often indicated. However, be aware that most of this information is omitted in English resumes.

Let’s take a look at the main topic this time, shall we? In the main body, we should present the main experience simply and clearly. For this purpose, academic background and experience are written first. What if I have to submit my resume to a place where the experience takes priority among academic backgrounds and experience? Write your career first, then your education.

All you need to do is write your academic background and experience in the latest order, and show the information in the order (company name – location – date of entry – date of departure/status of employment). After that, write your department and position, and then write a sentence that clearly and clearly describes your achievements and experiences.

In particular, if you are writing a resume for a job change to a related industry, it would be better if the job relevance to the job you are currently working on is clearly revealed. After academic background and experience, you can write in the order of language ability, qualifications, service activity records, etc.

Finally, you can mention your hobbies and specialties. In particular, when writing in Resume format, it is better to emphasize content that can show that you are a more suitable person for the job since it is written in the form of listing only the facts by compressing my information in one or two A4 pages.

Now, how do you feel about writing a CV now that you read this article? Writing a CV is really not that difficult. Being mindful of how people will read your resume is all you really need to remember! The best strategy is to focus on the most important things the place you’re applying to wants to know and what you want to show them in an intelligible and clear manner.

Is It True That Photos Are Not Allowed?

It is generally known that foreign companies do not include photos on their resumes. In the United States, for example, employers are advised not to use photos as they can be used for discriminatory purposes. However, unless it is an institution that specifically states not to include a photo, you can often find others that encourage you to include it. Let me quote the passage from the Cool Free site mentioned above.

“Many of you know that the UK, US, Canada, or Australia don’t include photos on your resume. However, the regulations are different in other countries. According to Linkedln admins, profiles with pictures of candidates are more credible, and people who post pictures get more collaboration offers.” Therefore, before sending out an English resume to the institution I am interested in, it is crucial first to verify where the institution stands concerning photos.

What Is A Cover Letter?

Are you often asked for a cover letter along with your resume (CV)? A cover letter can be thought of as a personal introduction. However, unlike formats where you answer a series of fixed questions, it is common to write a cover letter so that it can be read legibly from beginning to end. It should also be concise and clear, so it is recommended to write it within one sheet of A4 paper or within 250 words.

Most of the contents of a cover letter are free-form. However, since the cover letter is the first impression you give to your interviewer, don’t forget to show that you are the right person for the position by clearly demonstrating your motivation for joining the company and your job skills! Now, how do you feel after reading all of this?

Depending on the country, you can see that some countries want to know about you as a person in general, whereas English resumes want to know more about the relevance of your competencies to the job in more detail.

There are also differences in the format, but the main point is to clearly show what you want them to see first through the resume. If you write with these points in mind, you will be able to write great CVs. AmazingTalker, a well-known 화상영어 service in South Korea, wishes you all the best on to achieve what you want with a well-written English resume.

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