What’s Important To Men & Women vs. What We Say [Infographic]

If someone were to ask you, “What areas of your life would you like to improve the most?” would you respond differently depending on who asked you? Would you say one thing in a public place like Twitter or Facebook and a different thing when talking on the phone to a close friend? I guess we all screen things here and there to protect our privacy or to protect our feelings. When it comes to goal setting in general though, there seems to be quite a bit of discrepancy between what’s important to men and women based on words and where they focus their actions.

Each year Mindbloom comes out with their Life Improvement Pulse Report which details what they’ve discovered in their research about what’s important to men and women. Their infographic below called Actions Speak Louder Than Words illustrates what we say is important in our lives vs. what really seems to be important to men and women.

As they point out in the coordinating article called Study Shows Women To Focus On Health, Men On Careers In 2013, this is not to “bust us” bullshitting or anything like that. It’s really to point out the flaw in goal setting. When we set long term goals like new year’s resolutions and once-a-year goals, it’s really not effective unless we follow that up with weekly and monthly goals which support the long term goals.

Although some people manage to do it, it’s definitely hard to make a huge goal that has to do with changing a major part of our lives and then follow through and accomplish it without doing a temperature check every so often to measure our progress. Regardless of all that, it’s interesting to see where we will most likely be putting our focus this year.

What’s Important To Men & Woman vs. What We Say Is Important

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