Innovation Helps Mental Health Patients Get A Therapist Online

Mental health is the general position and state of mind. In most cases, it should be healthy so as to enable you to function normally. Mental health, therefore, includes the psychological, emotional and social well-being.

Mental health is key to helping people understand how they are able to handle stress, relate with other people and make their daily choices. It is important from childhood, adolescence through to adulthood as poor mental health will hinder you from living normally.

Therefore, health difficulties include depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Such difficulties cause affected people to abuse and conversely using substances that may worsen mental health in the long-run.

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Solutions To Mental Health Problems

It is paramount that one takes care of themselves if they wish to keep a healthy mental state. Such solutions may be simple and include:

  • Talking about your feelings
  • Eat and drink sensibly.
  • Staying active in some form of activity especially one that you are good at.
  • Ask for help if it gets out of hand.
  • Take a break when needed
  • Keep in touch with friends and family.
  • Take care of others and accept who you are

However, sometimes mental health can get out of hand and would require you to seek help from a qualified therapist.

Seeking Help From A Specialist

The main purpose of a mental health specialist is to work with individuals, groups or communities to improve mental health. They have to identify what is troubling the patient and guide them through making informed decisions that would improve their mental state.

Therapists also encourage patients to share their emotions. Therapy revolves around sharing your emotions, feelings, and thoughts in front of the therapist and letting them advice you on the right solution. Traditionally, you had to visit a specialist’s office for a session.

However, with the kind of progress technology is taking, mental health solutions are rapidly revolutionizing. With a lot of information available online on blog spots like bitrebels, people can have access to a lot of advice. Current trend helps patients access mental health services online.

Therapists Online

Also known as digital therapy, the trend has developed as a result of developing internet technologies enabling people to access health services and effective, affordable online therapy. Such innovations include apps and website platforms that users can access and monitor and treat health problems.

The platform has successfully worked for physical health and has only begun to integrate mental health for online advice. Regardless of whether you are seeing a therapist in person or online, it’s important to always remember that the crucial thing is that the therapist is in compliance with HIPAA regulations, especially when it comes to written communication, such as via email, this is essential. In case you ask about this and your therapist has no idea what you’re talking about, here’s a good guide to HIPAA-compliant email for therapists.

Forms of Digital Therapy

Online Self Help

Not everyone may feel comfortable talking to a professional. Therefore, having information availed to them on mental health would help them solve their anxiety, stress or depression problems. This is a self-help tool for you to improve your mental health.


This form of therapy is more interactive. Interaction happens between the patient and the professional over a given period of time. The specialists analyze the problem and issues a module of activities the patient undertakes to improve their status.

The professional gives feedback on the progress the patient is making.

Blended Care

Both an online and physical approach is used in this case. The patient can visit a health counselor in their initial stages of treatment then follow up with online advice through the digital platform.

Technology innovation has facilitated search engines like BetterHelp to emerge and help patients search for credible digital therapy.

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