Just Adding Milk Doesn’t Make It Cereal!

Robb Posch is my kinda guy. He approaches food from a ridiculous perspective, and he likes to experiment. Do you remember Nerds? Nerds were popular back in the 80s, as a matter of fact; they were “candy of the year” in 1985. It was a Willy Wonka candy that was kinda like SweeTarts, only way better. When I was about 13, I went on a Nerds diet just to see what would happen if a person only ate Nerds for a week.

Guess what? Robb Posch also did an experiment about eating only candy for a week. He even graphed how it made him feel. I wrote about it in the article, Food Experiment: He Ate Only Candy For A Whole Week. Also when I was young I loved to eat cereal. I liked to get creative and put stuff in my cereal, stuff that you normally wouldn’t consider cereal. I think those particular experiments scarred me because I haven’t been able to drink much milk for years and years. Yuck.

Guess what? I just learned today that Robb Posch also did conducted The Insane Cereal Experiment. And this experiment, the one that pushed the limits of cereal to the edge, is what I will share with you today. Robb decided to take a list of foods, which are not cereal, and put them in a bowl, add milk, and eat them with a spoon. Could they pull off their new role as a cereal? On a scale of 1 – 10, he rated each taste-test based on these four criteria: Did it work well as a cereal? Did it stay crunchy in milk? What was the resulting milk flavor? What was the overall rating?

The things he put in a bowl and poured milk on included bacon bits, pork rinds, Wasabi peas (after all, might as well get in a serving of vegetables), Skittles, cheddar whales, marshmallows, peanuts, beef jerky, bottle caps, Vienna sausages (gag!!), Chex Mix, cocktail onions and sliced jalapenos. Some of this stuff definitely makes me wanna puke just thinking about it. Dude, you coulda easily won first place on Survivor. #justsayin You can read all the details of this experiment along with the results at The Insane Cereal Experiment.