Accentuate Your Figure: Secrets Of Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Do you want to look seductive? Are you looking for a dress that will emphasize your femininity? If yes, here is a wedding dress style that will be a winning choice for you!

Mermaid wedding dresses are among the most beloved silhouettes among brides.  Let’s discover the history and advantages of mermaid wedding dresses.

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Do you know about the origin of mermaid wedding dresses? That’s all thanks to their similarity to mythical mermaids, who have very beautiful tails. Mermaid wedding dresses have a fitted bust and waist with a spectacular bottom that extends like a mermaid’s tail. First such wedding dress styles became popular in the mid 20-th century.

In the 1950s and 1960s, mermaid wedding dresses gained extraordinary popularity among Hollywood stars. Time passed by, mermaid wedding dresses have undergone a lot of transformations in terms of fabrics and embellishments. However, they are still a favorite choice of thousands of brides around the world.

Benefits Of Mermaid Wedding Dresses

  1. Versatility: there is a stereotype that mermaid wedding dresses are only for brides with an ideal body shape and luxury weddings. Forget about this! Mermaid wedding dresses can become a beautiful accomplishment to any wedding theme. They can be easily customized thanks to different fabrics (lighter or heavier). Thanks to this they will look stunning at both a gorgeous cathedral ceremony and a pool party. Additionally, you can add various accents such as belts, pearls, neckline depth, etc.
  2. Elegance: timeless classic, sophistication, charm, simplicity and style — it’s all about mermaid wedding dresses. These dresses will perfectly emphasize your beauty both on your wedding day and on wedding photos, even when you look at them in decades.
  3. Femininity: it’s hard to imagine a more graceful wedding dress style than a mermaid wedding dress. It will perfectly emphasize your bust, waist, hips, and lengthen your silhouette, making it even more fragile and attractive. Just imagine the effect you will make when you walk down the aisle in such a dress! You’ll look dramatically romantic, so be sure that your future husband remember this moment of your entrance for his entire life!
  4. Comfort: another stereotype related to mermaid wedding dresses is that they are uncomfortable for long wearing. No worries, modern designers took care of this by incorporating stretch fabrics or built-in corsets. So you can move, eat, breath, dance and do everything you want without any restrictions.

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Our main goal is to make you feel like a queen on your wedding day and help make your wedding memories one of the most special. Let’s make your first step to the fulfilling of your wedding dreams with Yedyna Wedding Studios!

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