Telling Your Kids About The Significance of Respecting the National Flag

National pride bears different meanings to each one of us. As an adult, you have come to understand the complexities of being your own individual self without compromising your responsibilities as a citizen who is part of a whole in your own country. As much as globalization has eradicated any geographical barriers between nations, it has affected the identities of the younger generation in particular.

On the one hand, it’s great that kids nowadays display more tolerance and are blind to nationalities and ethnicities, but on the other hand, this has distorted their understanding of nationalism.

It is the responsibility of parents and educational systems to make sure that children know about their origins and the significance of national symbols like their own country’s flag from a young age. It is essential to explain to your kids the symbolism of the national flag and what it signifies for them as citizens. However, since this is more of an innate feeling, you might find it hard to put into words.

If you need some help, look no further to find out how you tell your kids about the significance of respecting the national flag.

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Explain The Features And Symbolism Of The National Flag

You cannot expect your kids to understand the importance of the national flag if they see it as a mere piece of cloth with interesting colors and shapes. All flags have inspiring stories behind them; every color stands for something and every stripe and star have an important significance. Make a game out of it and ask your kids to guess the meaning of each aspect of the national flag. Explain to them how their own state- where they were born and live- is represented by one of the stars to emphasize its uniqueness and also show that it is part of the entire country.

This way, your kids can come to grasp the idea of what the national flag stands for and they will have more awareness about why it demands their respect.

Put The Flag On Display

Displaying the national flag at your home and showing your kids how you proudly hang it high out on the patio or anywhere around the house will give them an idea about how the flag should be treated with respect. If you want to show your kids how you value the flag, do not just make do with a cheap one. Take your kids and go to a flag store that offers locally-made quality flags in bold and bright colors.

When your kids see the care that you put into finding the right flag and treat it as a worthy investment, they will understand that the flag is indeed a big deal. Get a  high-endurance nylon flag to withstand the different weather conditions and hang it outdoors on a decent flagpole. Show your kids what it means to have the flag fly high and never touch the ground to signify freedom, and that the homeland is superior to the individuals.

Introduce Your Kids To The Constitution

From a young age, make it a point to read your kids snippets from the national constitution in a simplified way so that they are able to understand. Let your kids know how the flag demonstrates the respectable values and actions that are described more explicitly in the constitution. Your kids will grow up knowing that becoming a good citizen is what the flag embodies and that is why it is worthy of respect.

Always Celebrate National Holidays

Make a big deal out of national days and have the flag front and center during celebrations. When the festivities are broadcasted on television, highlight to your kids how everyone stands up when the flag is raised and the national anthem is being played. Whenever you can, lead by example and stand up for the flag to pay your respects. When recalling fun holidays, your kids will look back and associate the flag with respect without requiring a lot of effort on your side.

Tell them Stories About National Heroes

Kids love stories, and they love superheroes. When you combine the two and tell them stories about real people who have sacrificed their lives so that they can live free and safe, they can appreciate the national symbols much more. Try your best to explain how the national flag represents what these brave men and women fought for and that it is our duty to honor their legacies.

Patriotism is not a cliche old-school value, your kids have to believe that loving and appreciating their country is a vital component of their identity. As a parent, small and simple acts can be all that you need to develop your kids’ affinity to your country and a sense of respect towards the national flag.

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