Ladies on Latex | Latex Glove Artwork

When you think of latex gloves, what comes to mind? Cleaning the bathroom or scrubbing the floors? When the “Poptarts” look at latex gloves, they see a perfect canvas for creating spunky, colorful pop art.

The “Poptarts” consist of two artists from Vancouver, Nicole Steen and Vicki M. This talented duo paints women, in a pop culture context, on latex gloves. Their collection, known as “Dirty Dishes,” is an adorable, fun and very creative assortment of designed gloves. You can view more of their selections on their website at

Each one of these pairs of gloves are painted with acrylic and framed under glass. They are not meant to be used to clean. I guess there is still a purpose after all for those ugly bright yellow gloves I bought at the drug store yesterday.