You Can Live At The Cottage, But Here’s What You Need

With many people working from home and cities quieter and more subdued than usual, those lucky enough to have a cottage are spending more time there than ever. It’s great to have more physical space to socially distance, and anyway, who doesn’t want to spend more time at the cottage?

But there’s a significant difference between visiting for a couple of nights and using a second-home more like a primary residence. Here are some things you’ll need if you’re going to be spending a lot more time up North.

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Reliable Satellite TV

Being up at the cottage doesn’t mean you need to be cut off from society! You’ll want to watch news, movies, and other things when it’s raining outside. While it’s great to be outdoors at the cottage, you may get tired of walking or swimming when you’re there for days or weeks straight.

It’s easy to get satellite TV anywhere in Canada that works dependably and delivers high-definition, so you can watch all your favorite shows. There’s nothing wrong with a lazy day on the couch. Now that professional sports are on TV once more, you may want to watch a live game, rather than get the highlights the next day online.

Canned Or Frozen Food

Going to the cottage for a weekend means you can bring all your favorite baked goods, but this can’t exactly be done if you’re staying up North for a while at a time. If you have a favorite food item from a local place near your home, buy extra if it can be preserved in a freezer.

Freezing works great for things like meats, bagels, buns, and other food items. Canned food is great because it has a long shelf life. Depending on the coronavirus containment in the region where you live and where your cottage is located, it may be better to bring all the groceries you need straight from home, rather than stop at a store up North.

Hobbies from Home

When you’re up at the cottage for a weekend, you may not think of being away from certain creature comforts. But if you’re there for an extended time, you’ll want certain things to be at hand.

Do you play a musical instrument? If so, bring it. If you are a reader, make sure you have the books you need. Whatever your hobbies, make sure you don’t leave anything that you’ll want when you’re up North.

Reliable Internet

Finally, you can’t possibly work remotely from the cottage without an internet connection. Look for a company that specializes in high-speed internet and can service rural regions. The company that hooks up your satellite TV may have an affordably-priced bundle.

The cottage is a fantastic place to be, whether it’s for one day or one month. Just make sure to pack accordingly for the length of time you’ll be staying. You need to get all your work done and take care of business, but you need to stay entertained, well-fed, and connected. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll have a great time living at the cottage.

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