Los Angeles Plumbers Reveal 3 DIY Ways To Save Money On Your Garden

Most homeowners want to elevate their gardens but do not want to invest a lot in it. If you have not upgraded your garden yet, this summer is the perfect time to do so. Investing in your exterior plumbing system not only adds to the beauty of the area but you can also add value to your home. The ability to save you by conserving water long-term is an added benefit.

Adding a few do-it-yourself projects to your schedule can save you significantly in the long run because you are positively impacting your landscape while conserving the resources you need to care for your plants and greenery. Here are three plumbing tips to save money on your garden this year.

1. Use Smart Technology Like ETwater

Smart technology is invaluable for savings and water conservation since companies like ETwater uses environmental data and weather forecasts to determine how much water your lawn and garden needs. As the Wi-Fi controlled device works on both your sprinklers and exterior water supply, your home has a technological response to irrigation needs. ETwater will also be a critical resource that bypasses the restraints of water shortages since it is irrigation that wastes half of a city’s resources.

By implementing a few plumbing changes, you can save on water usage significantly while creating an eco-friendly garden that is beautiful and self-sustaining. If you are interested in updating your garden’s plumbing in Los Angeles, we will gladly consult with you on ways we can help elevate your landscape both aesthetically and technically.

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2. Install Exterior Water Lines

Every garden needs exterior water lines that enable you to water your plants easier. Follow these steps to ensure it is done properly:

  1. Survey to find the most convenient places to install the water line system
  2. Check for shrubs, underground electric lines, and Los Angeles building code restrictions
  3. Design a paper model of your garden layout
  4. Move your design concept to your garden, and measure the piping necessities
  5. Secure a trencher to dig along your route, and remove the dirt to one side
  6. Turn the water off before you start to lay your pipes
  7. Add a connection to your exterior water supply with a T-connector
  8. Rasp and buff the PVC pipe before adding primer
  9. Connect the pipe to the T-connector; repeat on the reverse side
  10. Add a PVC slip-fit ball valve to complete
  11. Connect the remaining pipes in the trenches, and let dry for two hours
  12. Restore the water supply, and c Check for leaks before moving on

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3. Add A Hand Pump

Hand pumps are ideal when removing dirty fruits and vegetables from your garden area. It is also ideal for fountains, garden displays, and fish ponds as an aesthetically pleasing addition to an area. It is also a benefit when needing a variety of irrigation techniques since different plants require unique watering schedules. It can also serve as a backup water source in case your pipes malfunction and require replacement. You will need to purchase 1 1/4-inch PVC piping and thread and a male adapter to install.

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