What Is A Medical Technologist?

A medical technologist is also known as a medical laboratory scientist or clinical laboratory scientists. He is a professional who tests body tissues and fluids using medical procedures that he learns during bachelors’ degree. Further, he also has to complete an internship to get some understanding and experience of working with the equipment and procedures. They are highly trained before starting work at a hospital as they have to perform complex tests based on complicated scientific principles. When people get any medical issue, either they need local injury attorneys or medical support by the professionals.

Medial Technologist can also run their own independent laboratories if they are sufficient for equipment and skills. They also have to collaborate with the physicians in the process of report making and interpreting the results. The individual has to be educated with at-least bachelors or advanced master’s degree in medical technology or health sciences with the license or certification of a professional.

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Job Description

A medical technologist has to deal with different patients each day and they are standing most of the time. They analyze the sample of the blood tissues and fluids taken from the body to determine the blood type, chemical presence and level, and cell count. They also look for the presence of microorganisms in the blood or tissues. They have to operate automated equipment that is specialized for the purpose of examination. The sample is tested with a number of complicated procedures one after the other that accurately provide the result.

The professional has often worked on the infectious specimens that need extra care and protection to avoid the health hazards. They might also have to work for extra hours in emergency conditions. A person hence needs to be enthusiastic about this profession. The passion for serving people and love for the job is also must for this job.

Duties To Perform

The routine working of the clinical laboratory scientist is the microscopic analysis, chemical, immunologic, bacteriologic, biologic and hematologic tests and preparation of the reports and interpretations. Some of the day to day tasks are; taking tissues’ and blood samples, preparing cultures of samples, organizing programs to ensure accuracy of the data and results, examination of the body fluids under microscopes, cross-matching, checking the presence of toxic materials in the blood and urine, checking reports for accuracy, operating equipment and collaborating with the patients, doctors and researchers.

Requirement For Becoming Medical Technologist

As mentioned above, the person should at-least be graduated in laboratory sciences with advancement or specialization as the minimum requirement is a master’s degree. Medical universities are now offering medical technology degree to the individuals to prepare them for this field. This specific program is 4-years degree program that includes an internship. The course outline is based on the study of anatomy, lab management, clinical microbiology, immunology, physiology, and ethics. Further, the certification is to be taken by the health department of the region to become a certified professional. The job is based on that certificate or license.

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