Most Popular Ways To Take CBD Oil

CBD consumption is on the rise; the four most common methods of taking CBD are through edibles, smoking or vaping, sublingually (absorbed under the tongue), or topically. With more products hitting the market, it’s important to understand how these administration methods differ.

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A Transparent Company

The first step is to make sure you are actually taking CBD. The lack of regulation in the industry has created several dishonest companies, making false claims about the amount of CBD in their products.

No delivery method offers 100% bioavailability. Our bodies don’t absorb every milligram in the dose no matter how it’s taken, making the potency and validity of the product very important, especially when taking an expensive product regularly.

Sublingual Products (Absorbed Under Tongue)

Taking sublingual CBD oil is the original, tried, and true delivery method. When a product is dissolved under the user’s tongue and not immediately swallowed, the cannabinoid’s effects are felt quickly, delivered evenly throughout the body, and absorbed into the bloodstream fairly efficiently.

When swallowed, the oil is sent to the digestive system. Losing potency and taking more time to be delivered throughout the body. When the oil is given time to absorb through the mucous membrane that lines our mouths, effects are faster, and more of the CBD is absorbed into the body.

Different carrier oils give different results. Make sure to understand what oil is being used. CBD companies use three major carriers: MCT oil, seed oil, and water-based. All three have advantages and disadvantages.


-delivered throughout the body

CBD tinctures are flavored

-estimated delivery time: 30 minutes

-higher bioavailability relative to edibles



-subject to user error (not letting oil dissolve)


Edible CBD products are a fun, discreet way to experience the benefits of the hemp extract. Many users don’t like the taste of CBD oil and prefer taking it in a product they are familiar with, like gummies or CBD capsules. While the idea of having CBD infused snacks is exciting, it is a flawed delivery method.

Sending CBD through our digestive tract loses potency and could take hours to feel the benefits. If you are taking CBD for the benefits and don’t like the idea of wasting 70-80% in the process, steer away from edibles. Not all edibles are created equally. Hard candies such as lollipops can be delivered more like a sublingual product if the user allows the product to dissolve in their mouth.


-familiar foods or drinks




-Low bioavailability

-many contain sugar or preservatives

-estimated delivery time: 1-6 hours


Applying CBD topical cream or lotion is a popular method for users experiencing a centralized problem area, like a soar joint or muscle. Topicals allow users to apply CBD directly to the source of pain.

While topicals aren’t subjected to the digestive system, our skin isn’t as permeable as the mucous membranes in our mouths. Using a highly concentrated product is important when taking a topical because our skin has a low bioavailability.


-target area of pain

-many products are infused with other plants to provide additional relief

-estimated delivery time: instant


-low bioavailability

Smoking Or Vaping

For users looking for the best absorption and fast-acting effects, smoking, vaping, or dabbing CBD is the answer. However, there are obviously many negative side-effects resulting from inhaling hot smoke. Widespread vaping is still a new phenomenon; side-effects relating to long term use are still unknown.


-high bioavailability

-estimated delivery time: 10 minutes or less


-negative side-effects associated with smoking or vaping

The Best Way To Take CBD?

After weighing the pros and cons, CBD oil is probably the best overall choice. However, the answer is complicated. Users have to choose which administration method is right for them as well as deliver the product correctly. Also, like all aspects of the cannabis industry, there isn’t a sufficient amount of research on each of the popular ways to take CBD.

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