Movember: A Gentleman’s Guide To The Perfect Stache [Infographic]

Happy Movember! We couldn’t let this month go by without publishing at least one article to celebrate the month when thousands of men around the world grow facial hair in the name of charity. These men, commonly known as Mo Bros, generously offer their faces in honor of raising awareness about prostate and testicular cancer.

I remember last year, The American Mustache Institute even took it one step further and declared a Have Sex With A Guy With A Mustache Day to encourage women around the world to give these very kind men a little extra lovin for their Movember efforts. I betcha they are doing the same thing this year.

The thing is, many of these Movember participants don’t have experience with growing a decent stache. In order to help those Mo Bros out, I thought I’d present to you this infographic called Movember: A Gentlemen’s Guide by GROOMU. This funny little guide not only points out all the reasons why you might want to grow a mustache, but it also gives some basic mustache dos and don’ts, and even gives examples of some famous staches from recent history.

GROOMU is a company that sells men’s grooming products, and they are offering a discount this month in honor of Movember (you can click over to their site for details). For best mustache results, it’s important to keep it groomed, trimmed and moisturized. I read an article the other day (I wish I could remember where) that said men with well groomed mustaches and beards are viewed as more trustworthy and honest by women. I have no idea why that is, but I just thought I’d tell you since that is a nice little side-benefit for growing out your facial hair this month for Movember!

Get The Perfect Movember Look For You

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Via: [GROOMU] Happy Movember Image Credit: [Ranrah] [Movember and Sons] Header Image Credit: [BATTLEFIELDO]