Moving House Secrets You Wish You Would Have Known Sooner

In case you have very recently moved into your new home together with the family and you are curious to know if you could have done some things differently to make it easier on yourself, you’ve reached the right page.

We are going to reveal to you a few precious pieces of advice that should come in extremely handy next time you are ready to relocate to a different house.

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Start The Decluttering Early On

Lots of people make the mistake of believing they will have plenty of time and energy to declutter their old home around the time when the selling process will be completed. In reality, you will truly have the time to figure out how many packing boxes you should buy or find for free, and with the rest of the detailed planning, address changing and temporary storage solutions you will need to figure out, you will have a small meltdown sooner or later.

If you have already found the best mover to match your need, or you are still looking for the top 5 long distance moving companies in Maine to assist you with your upcoming Maine move, see that they can also assist you with your packing and decluttering. The best movers also provide full packing solutions to people who simply do not have the time to personally handle all the packing for all their furniture, clothes, appliances, tools, and so on.

If your cupboards are still filled with all your stuff a few weeks before the big moving day, make sure you hit the pedal to the ground/ hurry up and empty all your closets, drawers, and cupboards, and brace yourself. It will probably take a few days, to say the least, so you should start as early as you can. Take a few days off from work for it and you will thank yourself later. Ideally, start the decluttering even before you are ready to list your home for sale, as it will save you from a lot of trouble, headaches, and even help you save money and packing boxes.

Store Your Jewellery Into A Safe Deposit Box

If you think your precious bracelets, rings, necklaces, and designer watches will remain safe and sound lying around your home during your move, think again. They will be at constant risk of getting damaged, misplaced, lost, or, why not, stolen, with all the foot traffic that you will soon have inside your home.

What you should do is have them placed in a safety deposit box at the bank or your home safe, if you have one. Just remember to pack them along when the packing begins. You could also decide to leave them with someone you trust instead to avoid going through the hassle of misplacing them and mid-moving.

Disassemble Your Furniture And Appliances Early On

You might think dismantling your bed is not that complicated. What about your antique drawers? If you plan on relocating from an apartment building, and you live on a superior floor, you will also need to figure out the logistics of this procedure as well.

What if the elevator is out of order on the day of the big move, or there is no elevator, to begin with, and you will need to worry about carrying all the boxes on your own, down several flights of stairs? Expert movers specialize in complex furniture dismantling solutions, so it might be a good idea to rely on their expertise instead of risking causing any damages.

Use A Cross Body Bag Or Money Belt

Instead of having to continuously worry about not remembering where you have seen your purpose last, replace it with a money belt or a crossbody bag for your keys, IDs, cash, and cards.

Finally, do not be too hard on yourself, and make sure to pack a survival kit along as well, with an extra charging bank for your phone, some snacks, and headache.

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